Weekend Paint Job

Spent part of the weekend painting Amy’s stairwell. A few weeks ago, she got completely and 100% fed-up with the horrible wood panelling in the stairs and ripped it down. Under that was damaged plaster, so that came out too. She and a friend hung drywall a couple of weeks ago, she primed this week, and she and I painted it this weekend.

Stairwells can either be very easy or very difficult to paint. My stairwells? Difficult. Her stairwell? VERY easy. She picked a pretty almost-white grey in a semi-gloss (this girl knows how she bangs on the walls going down the stairs with her hockey gear!). I totally and completely approve of the color. :mrgreen: It took us about an hour yesterday to do the first coat (after which we went swimsuit shopping [gasp!], out to eat, and then watched the 4-hour Return of the King DVD), and about an hour today for me to do the second coat. Not bad at all.

The dog managed to get some paint on her ear, and nearly a full (not quite scalding-hot) cup of coffee spilled on her head. She’s over it now, but still smells like French Roast. Silly pup, getting in the way of humans early in the morning when they’re doing work and after they’ve stayed up till 2 a.m. watching movies! What was she thinking?