We Done Visited and Painted

So my folks visited this weekend, and we generally had a fabulous time. Friday, we, along with Amy, went to dinner at Marigold Restaurant, a little place a couple of blocks from my house. Saturday we hit a bunch of galleries in Old City like Synderman Works and the Wexler. That night all four of us went to dinner at Astral Plane – a very cool place near Rittenhouse. Sunday we went took a driving tour of the murals in Philadelphia, and then went over to Amy’s place where Mom helped her think about how to remodel her kitchen. Dad headed home that night, and Mom and I got ready to paint.

Monday morning, Mom and I dug in to the painting frenzy. We almost finished everything by 4 p.m. on Tuesday – there are only a few more places where the trim needs a second coat. After 2 years of living in this unpainted place, I’ve got to admit I was ready for something different, clean, and nice. What we ended up doing was this (all in Behr paint again):

  • Swiss Coffee on the back and front walls, low and high fireplace wall, and trim
  • Honey Butter on the long walls in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, and on the outside stairwell walls
  • Sweet Maple on the tall fireplace wall
  • Carbonite in the stairwells
  • Scarlet Cap in the master bedroom
  • Some color a bit darker than Carbonite in the study/guest bedroom (I forget the name)

paint chips

A variety of sheens were used, of course. The lowest part of the low and the high fireplace wall and the trim are in satin, and the rest is in eggshell enamel. Mom thought the different sheen would be nice on the fireplace walls. I agree with her.

So anyway, I’m exhausted from the painting. I’m getting a little bit of a chest cold. And I’m ready to head back home and go to sleep. But this time it’ll be in a completely painted house, and that feels wonderful.

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