How is it that Amy and I can spend days and days and days (all last weekend [3 days] and all this weekend [3 days] plus time after I get home from work and time when she’s around during the days and it’s not raining) working on the outside of the house, and all that we have to show for it is the back of the house scraped, primed, and painted and one side of the house scraped and primed? The back of the house doesn’t even have two coats on the whole thing, and I haven’t started trim yet.

Either we are too particular or this is a lot harder work than we anticipated. I’m going to go with a healthy dose of both those things.

Remind me again why we decided to paint the outside of our house. It’s a time vortex.

One thought to “Vortex”

  1. I think you decided to repaint because the new gray that you chose is an excellent color!

    Though based upon your description above – if I ever choose to paint my house I am starting on the front. Then when I get sick of painting I can do a “this is good enough” job on the back of the house.

    Who knew?

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