Three Years of Our House

House, April 2009

April 2009 – with small dog and new color (which highlights the weird lack-of-trim around the kitchen windows – gotta get on that)

Our Yard - Mid-June 2008

Mid-June 2008 – with mown grass, pre-painting (way too many power and cable lines coming to the house – we got rid of 2 of them and we’ve also since cut down the gigantic arborvitae to the right of the house and two large ash trees to the left of the house (sob! except that they could have fallen on the house or a neighbor’s house in a heavy storm so it’s safer we cut them down now.))

House, May 2008

May 2008 – with flowering quince and tulips

South side of our house

May 2007 – with tulips

Side of the House

June 2006 – with wheelbarrow

9 Lincoln St. in Natick

March 2006 – with open cellar door

6 thoughts to “Three Years of Our House”

  1. yes, the trim will stay white. i think the bulkhead door may need to be red and i’d love to find a red front door (not the screen door though).

  2. I miss my flowering quince! I used to love to clip a branch for my table setting. It would last FOREVER! My landlord, Kristen, would make jam from the quince that grew under the bush!

    Your house is gorgeous by the way! 🙂

  3. (My anti-spam word was hockey!)

    You guys are just power-houses of energy. That’s a very cute house, and the work you’ve done on it is great.

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