Still Around

Even though I haven’t posted in over a month, I’m still around. My time has been taken up with: hockey (camp, games, and tryouts), a trip to Acadia National Park, and work.

To keep you entertained for a moment, here’s a macro of a lovely hydrangea in our yard during a respite in a big storm:


And here is a sailboat from when we were up in Acadia National Park. It’s the Helen Brooks, a Friendship Sloop owned and chartered by Amy’s brother Karl.

The Helen Brooks

Until such time as I blog again, ta!

One thought to “Still Around”

  1. Ooohhh! Acadia was one of our favorite vaca spots long ago. It’s been so long since we’ve been there. I hope you guys had fun and went to the top of Cadillac mountain and watched the sunrise. Just loved that!

    When you’re done working on the house, you’re going to look at each other and say “now what?”. 🙂

    Fall’s on it’s way! Hope you had a great summer!

    Hi to Maggie and Otter!

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