stash enhancement plus some

ooooh! my order from WEBS Yarn showed up today. the shetland i ordered for the felted bag i want to make is back-ordered (grumble) BUT i got the most scrumptious berocco plush and a great berocco mosaic.

berocco plush

i think i’m going to make something for my co-worker’s impending baby. (speaking of, what is UP with all the babies this spring?) i’m not sure if i’ll make a blanket or a sweater – probably a sweater for a toddler, so it doesn’t need to be done by the time the kid’s born!

berocco mosaic

this is the mosaic. i was thinking of making a couple more sassy scarves for gifts this year, but depending on what stella tells me about the tank she’s working on, i may try my hand at a tank top instead.


no, this isn’t part of the stash enhancement. instead, this is some barkcloth that i ordered from reprodepot so i can recover a small bench that lives in my living room. i’m VERY pleased with the color and the weight of the material. they only sell by the yard at reprodepot, so i’ve got a lot of excess. i think i’ll make some pillow covers to sit on the sofa and be all springy/summery, rather than the cranberry wool ones on there now. and then i can get those dry-cleaned (i.e. remove all the dog fur – yuck!)

i’ve had good days with the mail lately.