Soccer, Gardens, and Dogs

As I’m sure you can garner from reading this blog, I mostly play hockey in my non-work time. But in case you’re wondering, sometimes I do other things too.

Before I get to those other things, hockey. A bunch of us got a call last Monday saying, “Hey! There’s a tournament in town this weekend and we need another team. Want to play?” So of course we did. We ended up playing with different people in all 4 games. We won our first game, lost the two middle games, and in a hard battle, ended up losing the consolation game. That said, we achieved our three goals for the tournament: we had fun, we played hard, and no one got (seriously) hurt.

And now, the other things I sometimes do.

Two weeks ago I went to Amy’s soccer game and took about 400 photos (of which only 3 or 4 were really good, but about 40 were somewhat non-crappy.)

Stow v. The Red Team

That’s Amy diving for the ball there. Lucky goalies get to touch the ball with their hands. If I could hang out in the net and touch the soccer ball with my hands I’d consider playing. As it is, all that running around and only using feet to control the ball? Not my thing.

We also garden and play in the yard a fair amount. Today after work, for example, we tore out half of the bamboo-like plant that we just realized was killing our incredibly gorgeous, super-old lilac. (Is it bad to admit that I didn’t know we had a lilac on our property? Probably, since we’ve lived here for 2 years now. I just assumed it was our neighbors’.)

We also got seeds for our garden from Seed Savers.

Veggies for the Garden

Top row: Bloody Butcher tomatoes, Moonglow tomatoes, Tarahumara White sunflowers
Middle row: Dragon carrots, tango lettuce, Wenk’s Yellow Hots peppers
Bottom row: Red Swan beans, Amish snap peas

The perennials are in full bloom!

Our Perennials

And of course, I’m eternally amused and entertained by Maggie and Otter.

Ms. Maggie excavating goodies from her Kong

Otter, noble boy

And lest I forget, I want to say hello to Chanda, who made Steph call me so I’d update this blog.  Thanks a ton – you inspired me to pull photos off my camera and get them onto Flickr, which is the main reason why I haven’t written lately.

3 thoughts to “Soccer, Gardens, and Dogs”

  1. Never heard your desire to play keeper in soccer… I seem to recall comments regarding hard objects flying at you not really being your cup of tea… I’m sure our soccer team would love to give you some time in the net if you so desire 🙂

  2. I am so with you on the soccer thing. I hate not being able to use my hands, so I would only be able to play keeper and well, I don’t really want to do that either. 🙂

    for the record, I am always discovering new things in my yard and we’ve owned the house for almost 4 years. 😉

  3. Right back at ya!

    I was sick of reading about the shoes!

    You should have come to Home Depot for the seeds! I worked in garden the other day! Although I’m an expert at paint, I could tell you a think or to about organic soil 🙂


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