Rotten Wood

I ripped down the fence that keeps my neighbor and I away from each other today with Amy (okay, she did most of the work, and I “supervised.”) It’s amazing how rotten wood can get, and it’s amazing how rusty nails can get.

Fence before

Here’s the fence closest to the neighbor’s sliding glass door. Note the missing pieces – victims to the fence-jumping guys who wanted to get somewhere quickly and assumed that ripping slats off was easier than trying to go over such a rickety structure. (FWIW, they were probably smart in that regard.)

Amy removes the last nail from the mortar

There were some pieces of wood nailed into the mortar in the bricks. Amy used her handy “Wonder Bar” to get the post disconnected from the wall.

No more fence!

It’s all down! About 2 hours worth of work (and only one snarking incident!) Not bad.

Old rotten fence

The old fence is now laying on the ground. You can see in this photo how rotten the wood is. We took out (or nailed down) all the old rusty nails from this fence, which was the hardest part of the demolition process.

This coming week, Amy intends to stain some 4×4 posts, dig 3 post holes, and use concrete to set them into the ground. I’ll help with that, along with ripping up all the brick along the fence, leveling the area, creating a new planting bed, and setting in some sort of “keeping my dirt (which is higher up than my neighbor’s dirt) in place while allowing for proper drainage” barrier between the two yards. Next weekend, we plan on putting up the long pieces of fencing, and (god willing) the slats on the neighbor’s side. Later on, we can put slats on my side.

Oh, and I decided to take the plunge and invest in some hockey gear. Look for me being all Bambi-on-ice at a rink near you soon!

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