Our New Sugar Maple

Earlier this fall we had to remove two very old, very tall, very pretty, and very dying ash trees from our backyard. I was bereft – there was such a horrible hole in the yard, in the sky, and in my heart.

After several weeks of me pissing and moaning about this, Amy finally threw up her hands and said, “Fine! Let’s go get a tree!” We talked a bit and decided on either a red or sugar maple. So last Sunday, we headed out to one of the big local nurseries. Alas, they didn’t have any trees onsite. We headed down to the local nursery that’s a lot closer to us (but doesn’t have the same widespread reputation) and hit paydirt (literally – everything was 25% off, so we got to buy a more mature/expensive tree!) They had several types of both red and sugar maples on-site. After an hour of thinking and debating, we decided on a lovely little Green Mountain Sugar Maple. It won’t get as big as either of the ash trees, but I think it’s going to be simply beautiful. Here it is being delivered and planted.

Planting the Sugar Maple Planting the Sugar Maple

Planting the Sugar Maple

And here it is, looking towards the back of the yard and then towards our house.

Planting the Sugar Maple

Planting the Sugar Maple

Why yes, I do love it! It’s going to take many years to get a lot bigger, and I can’t wait to see it grow.

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  1. Congrats on the new sugar maple. They’re really wonderful trees — I used to climb one outside my house all the time when I was a kid, and passed plenty of time playing with the “helicopter” seedpods.

    I hope these photos mark the beginning of a tradition of annual “birthday” photos for your new tree. It will be lovely to watch it grow.

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