Moving Again

For the second time in less than 4 months, we moved.  In February, Amy and I left Philadelphia for the Boston area, and last Friday, we moved from our temporary apartment into our new house out in the 'burbs. 

First off, I love this house!  It was built in the 1880s, but was recently updated on the inside.  Hardwood floors, lots of original hardware, and wide trim on all the baseboards are some of the wonderful original touches.  However, the kitchen is well-laid-out, with updated appliances and cupboards, the bathroom is newer, and all the windows in the house are less than 5 years old.  Those are the kind of updates I like in an older house.

Our yard is magnificent.  The dogs absolutely adore it – and they finally adore each other again too!  I think it's because they have so much space in which to run now.  I'm looking forward to spending a full year here, to find out what plants we have.  So far we've identified rhododendrons, lily of the valley, tulips, forsythia, and azaleas.  I'm not sure what other early-flowering plants there are, since most of them were done when we moved in.  The trees are large – I can't tell what kind yet, because it's been raining and raining and raining since we moved in!  Once the rain stops, I'll investigate some more.

Unpacking has been fun too – since Amy and I both owned houses in Philadelphia, we've found ourselves paring down a lot.  At one point, we brought all our eating utensils to the dining room table, laid them out, and decided what to keep and what to move on.  Then we brought all the cooking utensils and did the same thing.  And then the bed linens, and then the bathroom linens, and… you get the point.  

It has also been wonderful to start integrating the presents people have purchased for us into our home.  We got rid of nearly all of our everyday dishes to make room for Fiestaware.  Same with our drinking glasses and most of our bathroom towels. We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.  Thank you all!  (Real notes following shortly, I promise!)

And today we drove up to Amy's folks' place to commission rings and to get a truckload of stuff to bring back here.  We found some things we thought we'd lost, like cross-country ski gear and clothing, and found things we'd only seen at Christmas this year, like a copper saucepan and a Le Crueset baking dish.  Fun!  Christmas in June!

Since it's been raining, I haven't had much opportunity to photograph the house.  And frankly, until it's in really decent condition (i.e. things put away), I don't want to.  But when that happens, I'll post photos at Flickr and link to them from here.  

So welcome home to us.  We all (human and canine) love the place.  Let's hear it for many happy years here. 

5 thoughts to “Moving Again”

  1. oh that’s awesome. congratulations! i can’t wait to see pics of what the place looks like once you’ve moved in. the pics before you bought the house really do show off its good bones though.

    it’s a beauty. enjoy it!

  2. I love old houses and Fiestaware too. I’m very happy for both of you!

    What color are your dishes? I have a mix of white and Shamrock green.

  3. hi there! welcome to your new home! i am really excited for you–sounds awesome! my sister’s got fiestaware, all colors, and her cabinets look so awesome when you open them up! 🙂 hope all is well with you.

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