Finished: Dining Room

Success on one of my initial resolutions for the new year – to finish some of the decorating in the house. Over the long weekend I buckled down, did a lot of maintenance (mostly on the blog, but that has to count too…), figured out where to hang our artwork, and then I HUNG THE ARTWORK. It definitely feels good to have all our pictures hung on the walls.

Dining Room from the Stairwell

The other major thing that happened on the decorating front is that we finished the dining room decorating. After Christmas we made a pilgrimage to IKEA in Stoughton with friend T & B and ended up purchasing a dining room rug. It’s simply perfect for the room – a neutral tan base with lots and lots of small strips in multiple rich colors (maroon, navy, dark green, etc.) Other than that, we’d been waiting for a chest of drawers with a mirror attached to it to be shipped from my folks, and it showed up last Friday. Amy and T unpacked it and brought it into the house. We’d already decided where to put it, so they set it all up and rearranged the room. It looks just great!

This first photo is the view of the dining room that I see each morning when I come downstairs. Kitchen is to the right, living room at the end of the room. Pictures on the wall are by Katsuyuki Nishijima.

Two views of the dining room – the left is from the living room looking at the stairwell (with a dog head violating the photo…). The print in the stairwell is also by Katsuyuki Nishijima. The photo on the right is from the kitchen doorway. You can see the rug quite clearly in this photo, as well as the two little girl prints my mom got in Japan in the 1960s when she was a flight attendant for what was then called Northwest Orient Airlines. Arent’ the prints and the rug pretty? You can also see my neighbor’s very silly tarp-covered woodpile outside the window if you look hard enough (it’s green). It’s very silly because the tarp is ostensibly to “protect the wood from getting wet” but all the wood we ever used to heat the house when I was a kid was left out with no ill effects.

At the Summit House, Mt. HolyokeI also did some work in my office, but that’s a huge project for another day or long weekend. Seriously – I have a “stuff” issue and I’m really good at making a lot of stuff fit into a small space. The only problem with that is that I don’t always remember what “stuff” is in those small spaces. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll survive somehow.

This weekend I’m heading to Seattle for the American Library Association midwinter meeting. Should be fun. Blogging will be light until I return (I’m NOT bringing a laptop with me). So I leave you with a photo of my adorable little dog, Maggie. It was taken a couple of weeks ago, atop Mt. Holyoke in western Massachusetts.

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  1. anti-spam word=yarn. LMAO

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your dining room! also, i love seeing furniture used in new ways (mirror and chest of drawers).

    i’m coming up to Lowell, MA this May… maybe a day trip to see you and the dogs and the girl are in order?

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