Dane Decor Sale!

I love and hate it when Dane Decor has their twice-annual sale. Love it because I can always find something there that I want, and hate it because their stuff is really expensive. This year, though, I got a 50% coupon in the mail right before I left for my vacation. So the day after we got back, Amy and I drove downtown for a little bit of shopping.

And lo and behold, what did I find?

Malibu Sideboard

One gorgeous, hip, sassy sideboard that will cross the divide between the ulra-sleek design of my table, chairs, and wallhangings, and the slightly more saucy look I’m trying for in the kitchen (when I start redoing that.)

The company that makes this piece is called Tr√ɬ§specialen, they’re based in Sweden, and the line that this particular sideboard comes from is called Malibu. I really like these pieces – much more hip than IKEA (although the designer used to work there in the 80s), much better quality than IKEA, but with that awesome Swedish sensibility.

Now, to wait for it to arrive on the boat (16-20 weeks – boo!) and then to get some work done on my kitchen in the intervening months!

3 thoughts to “Dane Decor Sale!”

  1. oh! that is exactly what you wanted! and so much nicer than IKEA! good for you for waiting for that perfect piece!

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