Crazy Yard!

Our yard is going crazy right now! I took all these photos yesterday afternoon; by this afternoon everything changed (and I got home after the light changed – boo.) Hopefully things will be lovely tomorrow morning before work.

A small sampling (click on photo to embiggen, right click to open original photo at Flickr):

Is it a flower? Is it a bug?

Bug or Flower?

Phlox Spent Peony Light Pink Peony

Phlox and Peonies

Lupine? Clematis

Lupine (?) and Clematis

Bug Buddy


And because no photo post would be complete without pictures of the poochies, I give you Miss Pooch and Still Life: Bliss with Ball.

Miss Pooch Still Life: Bliss with a Ball

What does your yard/porch/patio look like in the early summer?

2 thoughts to “Crazy Yard!”

  1. the flower that looks like a mini lupine is Salvia…at least that’s the impression I’m under..we have a white one too!

  2. wow. you planted all those? or do they grow naturally? i mean, i never know. i’m sure your whole yard is gorgeous. your dogs are darling….total camera vamps.

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