We have babies! Nine little tomato seedlings are poking their heads out of the dirt in our mini-greenhouse in the kitchen. I anticipate 3 more in the next day, and then we’ll repeat the process with the ones we planted later in about 10 days.

Not sure how long it takes for our peppers to germinate, but we’re waiting anxiously on those too.

I haven’t taken photos yet. I should probably do that this afternoon.

(Lack of recent updating due to being nailed with a nasty, N-A-S-T-Y bug almost all of last week. Thanks, god-daughters, for passing your stomach flu on to me and Amy.)

7 thoughts to “Babies!”

  1. I’m loving my garden. Not to brag or anything (!!) but we’re already getting red tomatoes here in balmy central Texas. No worries, when my tomato plants quit setting fruit in June because it’s too hot, you can gloat.

  2. you’re reading the end of mr. y? how you like it? have you read her other books? i’m a huge scarlett thomas fan. did you read pop co?

  3. No puppies, although the next-door neighbors do have 2 golden retriever puppies who we keep threatening to dognap. By way of jumping over the fence and hanging out in their backyard with them. Because honestly? My little dog would eat them deliberately and my big guy would trample them inadvertently. Who wants THAT on their paws? Not me.

  4. I, too, got all excited for tales of cute furry things (boy, we do know how to jump the gun, don’t we?). But considering that not one single seed I planted last year germinated, tomatoes are cool, too.

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