Women’s Hockey in Boston

Did you know that there are a ton of opportunities for women in the Boston area to play hockey? Here’s a list of the leagues – and one team – I can find:

C’mon! Try it – I know you want to. It’s loads of fun!

5 thoughts to “Women’s Hockey in Boston”

  1. I was a watcher before, but a few years ago, tried playing and–can never stop! Ever. As a friend said, it’s like crack: totally addictive. I’m not a great skater or a great athlete by any means, but it is SO. FUN. Yay for women’s ice hockey!

    Number 93 on team Are Too in the Red division of the Northern California Women’s Hockey League

  2. Last season I played with South Shore Women’s Hockey http://www.sswhl.com they have an instructional program and many teams in A B C and D leagues. Some teams have practices and some do not, most games are saturday nights either in Canton, MA or Marlboro, MA

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