What I did last week, or A study in sickness

Those of you in Massachusetts (or the Northeast U.S.): if you suddenly feel like a Mack truck has hit you and then an hour later you have a fever of 101 F and it lasts for about 36 hours, you have what I had last week. You’d think that with a fever that broke so quickly I’d have been up and at ’em about a day later. You’d think wrong.

Seriously – this thing knocked me out from Monday at 4:45 p.m. (Mack truck) until yesterday (SATURDAY) around noon. I tried to go to work on Thursday, lasted 3 hours, and limped home to sleep and watch horrible daytime t.v. for two more days. You know how I know I was sick? We finished a whole pile of laundry over last weekend, and I’ve still not put mine away. I only read 2 books over 6 days. I didn’t care about the paper clutter in the house. And, most pleasantly, I could smell myself. Ewwwww!
Symptoms: Mack truck, fever, complete lack of appetite (even such wild & crazy foods as cheese, bananas, and plain chicken were too much for me – I survived on cheerios and plain pasta with butter), and the urge to be prone for hours at a time, sometimes sleeping, other times with remote in hand.

The upsides of all this? I’m caught up with this season of Work Out on Bravo (that Jackie Warner is still nuts, but less so than last season). I’ve gotten to watch a lot of the Stanley Cup playoffs. And …. um, that’s about it.

But like I said, I’m feeling better now. And so with that, some observations on life that I’ve made this past week:

The mascot for the Buffalo Sabres hockey team looks like a slug wearing a toupee. Trust me.

In women’s hockey, I prefer to play at the D level (a step above novice) but I like to watch at the B level. You want to know why? I mean, other than the fact that they’re better? It’s because you can HEAR them play. They pass hard enough that the puck slaps off things. They stop quick enough, from fast enough sprints, that you can hear the blades on the ice. And Coach Steph goaltends at that level, and she’s good.

Maggie talks a lot. Which is weird for a dog, but not weird for a dog that has a lot of beagle in her.

Otter is a very simple, happy soul. He has a stuffed hedgehog that is the skankiest, nastiest, still-stuffed thing (a rarity in our house) which he LOOOOOVES. Every night for about a half-hour he grabs it and cantors around the house with it, shaking his head and growling at it. Every fifth time through the living room, he’ll stop, look at us with hedgehog in mouth, and start again.

It’s fun to plant windowboxes!

I missed our first hockey game last week (see: study in sickness, above) but am so excited for Tuesday’s game. Apparently our team is a D-level team, but the league is a mixed B and C level league. We lost (to Coach Steph’s team) last week, about 17-0. Lessons in humility are in my future. Nonetheless, I can’t wait – it’s always better to play teams that are better than you if you want to improve. (Or end up hating the game…)


Otter and the Blue Stick 1

Otter and his blue stick

South side of our house

The house today – love the tulips!

Window Box 2

One of several windowboxes I planted today.

Amy in Walpole Tournament

Amy at the Walpole hockey tournament yesterday.

Maggie comforts sick Megan

Maggie kept me company when I was sick. (My leg is under her chin and the blanket).

5 thoughts to “What I did last week, or A study in sickness”

  1. Being sick isn’t fun. Good to know that you’re feeling better now. I love your house, it’s gorgeous!!! The dogs are as beautiful as they always are. ^_^

  2. that’s why we call the sabres the “buffaslugs!” 🙂

    My hub started playing in a novice team and they are … interesting to watch. 😉

    [I was hit with a similar thing a couple of weeks ago and haven’t been able to skate for a couple of weeks! hoping to get out to a stick ‘n shoot tomorrow or wednesday.]

  3. I find aural cues really help me to follow a hockey game when I’m watching, too. Not only does sound make for a more exciting atmosphere, it helps me keep track of where that whizzing puck is, too.

    My parents have a beagle, so I can vouch for their talkativeness.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. I, too, love the sound of hockey, particularly good hockey. The slaps, the hits, the slides, the stops…they are all sounds that excite me and make me want to play that much more. I only wish I was good enough to play at that level. Well, maybe someday…

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