Walpole Tournament Recap: HOTSHOTS take it all!

So much for us being the complete underdogs of this tournament! As the headline says, we ended up taking it all in the end – and it was a blast!

Saturday morning found us taking on the home-rink team, the Walpole ICE. I’ve seen them skate before, and was expecting that we’d have a tough game on our hands. It was pretty even, although I think they were just a little weaker overall than we were; perhaps they’ve got new players this year. We ended up winning that game 5-3.

In the afternoon we played Raising Kane, a team comprised of a lot of people that many of us know. We knew right out of the gate that we’d have a challenge on our hands. Sure enough, it went right down to the wire and they put in the winning goal late in the third period, winning 3-2. We weren’t too sad to lose to them, though, as we knew we’d have a rematch the next day for the championship. (There was an attempt to cancel that game since we’d have to contend with Patriots game-day traffic, but fortunately that never came to fruition.)

So we entered Sunday at 2-1 in the tournament, playing the 3-0 team (Raising Kane) for the championship and high honors. About 1/3 of our team had played a league game on Saturday night (that’s 3 games in one day, for those of you counting) so we knew we’d have some tired skaters on our hands on Sunday – not that the rest of us were in much better shape. Minus one person, we had the same team on Sunday as we did Saturday, as did Raising Kane. And we got out on the ice and BAM popped in two quick goals. They rallied a bit, but we were never behind. With 4 minutes to go in the third period we were up 5-2 (and still nervous, since they had some good players). Bridget, one of our stronger skaters, decided during the timeout that we were going to get two more goals. And lo and behold, we did! Final score was 7-2, and we ended up with a trophy and medals.

Went home for a couple of hours, and headed back out again to a league game against the Bulldogs. Rather than writing up a recap of THAT game, it should suffice to say that we lost 3-1 and Libby, Mich, and I were all pretty much dead by the end of the game. Gah.

But yay! We won! And we thought we weren’t even contenders for getting to the championship! Wooo!

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