Walpole Tournament: HOTSHOTS vs. Cape Cod Hurricanes

Game 1: HOTSHOTS vs. Cape Cod Hurricanes, W 3-1

I played left wing for this game – what a hoot! Libby was my partner and was incredibly patient with me as I didn’t know where the hell I was supposed to be about 3/4 of the time out on the ice. Only once did I completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) take out our center in the neutral zone. Whoopsy!

First goal was in the first period and was our line – Bridget (B-level player) was centering me and Lib (D-level players). Bridget drove around the back of the net and tried to stuff the puck in; the goalie stopped it but it bounced out a few feet and Libby shoved it in behind the goalie’s left skate. Score Libby!
Their first goal we were on the ice for. Since I wasn’t playing D, I really don’t know what exactly happened other than the fact that the woman who scored got around several of us. Bummer.

Second goal was in the second period. Libby and I were out there with Bridget again. We’d recently had a power play (maybe we were still on it? I’m not sure – playing such a different position befuddled me). At any rate, I got the puck around the hash marks in front of the net and took a shot on goal; it bounced out pretty far this time and Bridget picked it up and put it in the goal. Emphatically. With gusto. In the sort of way that had I been in net I’d have been huddled in a corner and whimpering in fear. Assist Megan!

The third goal was in the third period while Libby and I were on the bench. Bridget (are you sensing a theme here?) had the puck and since she was such a good player – better than most everyone else on the ice – she kept possession of it for a while in the offensive zone. Eventually she found a really nice shot to take and blammo! Goal three.

That was enough to seal the game. It’s funny – going into this tournament I was convinced we were going to get creamed. Our team is made up of half D-level players, several C-level players, and 3 B-level players. Our goalie’s a C-level goalie, which is really the most important position out there. Since we are playing in the C division of this tournament, I figured we’d end up playing a lot of stacked teams – mostly C-level players with several B-level players on each team. We’re most likely the only team with so many lower-level players on it, but we really held our own against the team tonight and I think we’ll do well tomorrow against the two teams we’re scheduled to play. Will we make it to Sunday’s championship game? It’s possible, although I can’t tell yet if it’s probable.

Hope to get to see some of the Philadelphia Freeze B team tomorrow since they’re in the tournament too. It’d be nice to say hi to the few of them I know.

Okay, time to grab my stuff out of the washing machine, throw it in the dryer, and head to bed. Tomorrow’s first game is at 9:20 a.m. which means I’ve got to be on the road by 8:00 at the latest. It’s after midnight now – time for my beauty rest!

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  1. Megan,

    Very cool. Much respect. I am right leg dependant that makes me vulnerable to playing left wing. I admit to being a weak technical skater (slow feet). Love the blog header … “feminist, knitter, hockey player, and librarian. not always in that order.”

    Especially “not always in that order”. You’ve got priorities, as you should. Exercise those priorities well.


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