Two game updates: Ice Devils and Nighthawks

We played two games since my December 22 post – one against the Ice Devils and one against the Nighthawks D.

Lost to the Ice Devils. Bad game. Amy and I ended up playing as defensive linemates, which we haven’t done since the first game of last season. There was a reason why. Needless to say, Coach now knows not to put us together back there again. The good thing is that Amy scored our lone goal of the game. So yay Amy!

Moving on….

We also played the Nighthawks the day we got back from our trip to Minnesota. We ended up tying with them, 1-1. If the universe had been smiling on us, we’d have won 2-0, but there was an unfortunate “bobbling the puck like Manny Ramirez plays easy fly balls” incident by our goalie, and an even more unfortunate “what’s this big blue swath of ice in front of the goalie?” crease violation on a wicked shot that went into the net. There was also the unfortunate “I’m an injured B-level goalie who can’t play at the B level because ooooh they’re just so much more physical so I’ll play down at the D level even though I skated 3 hours a night every Sunday during the summer and even though D level players are far less in control of their bodies than B level players” situation going on. Not that ANYONE in the division is annoyed as hell by that. Nope, not at all.

The Nighthawks game was really fun despite those series of unfortunate incidents. I found out that if I’m pushing the puck up and into the zone, I can dump and chase with the best of them. Yeah yeah, I’m a defenseman and should probably be more careful, but damn! Sometimes a girl’s just gotta go. I also found out that it’s within my capabilities to get into a breakaway situation and make a really wicked decent shot on net AND get the rebound! Of course, neither shot went in the net (argh) but holy crap was it fun! After that particular shift, I was on the bench breathing hard when Coach wandered down and informed me that “that was pretty studly!” So later in the game (way later, as it turned out) I tried it again. The goalie came out on me really far and I *knew* I had her after one more step. And then the buzzer went off. Double Argh! What I wouldn’t have given for 2 more seconds!

At any rate, that game was pretty fun even though we tied. Our next game isn’t until January 13, which saddens me. But we’re getting tournaments lined up for the spring and I’ve found a Tuesday night skills league which I think I’m going to join. Plus the college club team starts again in February, so soon there will be more hockey than I can shake a stick at in my life. I’ll be able to put to good use many of my Christmas presents: new game and practice socks, shooting targets, new shorts, and my awesome new stick!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love hockey?

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  1. I’m sorry if this is a duplicate message — my computer crashed a second ago as I was posting a comment a minute ago. Anyway, yeah, you were at the University Mews, right? Did you like living there? How did you make out when you sold your place?

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