Theory into Practice into Action

At practice a couple of weeks ago, we worked on an offensive play roughly called “cycling”. A wing takes the puck, skates into the corner of the offensive zone, comes up the boards a a bit, and drops the puck back down the boards to the center, who’s slipped into that spot. The other wing comes into the high slot at the same time. The person with the puck either passes to the wing in the slot, or comes up the boards and drops the puck down to the second wing. The center then comes into the high slot. Repeat ad infinitum.

So one of our teammates (she of the intensity) said something to the effect of “When the hell could anyone ever use this in a game?” The coach just laughed and said that if we tried it sometime, it would work.

The team we played last night (with 8 skaters and the goalie – thank goodness we were able to find one more player) is the top team in the league, and let me tell you, THEY can cycle. It’s tough to defend against, because the strong side defensive person has to chase the person on the boards, the center backs her up, and the weak side defensive person has to cover the rest of the ice below the hash marks. Our wingers are really tempted to come help us out defensively, but the first few times they did that, the offensive point got the pass and WHAMMO slapshots. I think the they scored half of their points that way last night. Argh. We only lost 0-6, which, frankly, we were pretty okay with. It wasn’t pretty, but we didn’t die of exhaustion nor did we stop harassing them. They really had to work for a lot of their points.

So another game tonight, against team #2 in the rankings (last night we played #1). We’ve got another skater or two, and maybe Jules who played with us last night will join us, so we should do a little better. It’ll be good when Amy re-joins us from her sojourn in Minnesota. Not only do I miss her, but the team really does too.

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