TGIF: The Hockey + Dog Edition

Sunday: hockey game, lost 2-1 (both goals scored off of the defenders, including my right knee.)

Monday: early a.m. trip to take Amy to Airport Express, work, hockey practice late p.m., but got kicked off the ice right at 10:50 p.m.

Tuesday: work (long day)

Wednesday: early a.m. hockey practice, hellish work day

Thursday: work (long day)

(today) Friday: early a.m. hockey practice, hellish work day

Saturday: travel to Maine for birthday party, quick trip to Kittery Outlets, dinner with friends, hockey game (with 7 skaters + goalie, against top team in the league)

Sunday: sleepsleepsleep, hockey game

Monday: work, hockey practice late p.m.

Tuesday: work, early p.m. trip to Airport Express to pick up Amy

I can’t wait until Amy’s back home. I miss her lots. The dogs do too – they’re going stir-crazy at home during the days, and are driving me nuts at night even after we’ve run for a while. I’m getting really good at the art of diffusing potential tiffs between them, which I suppose is a good skill to have. Wish I didn’t have to have that skill, though. Bummer.

And so with that, I’m off to sleep. Long weekend ahead…

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