Storm Women’s Hockey Team

Team photo (most, but not all, of us), from a tournament back in September (we didn’t win, alas.)

Storm Women's Hockey Team

Front row, L to R: Libby, Myriam, Renee, Sandy, Julia
Back row: Judy, Scott, Nancy, Brian, Laura, Amy, Niki, Kristine, Megan, Sejal, Tim, Stacey
Not pictured (because they didn’t play in this tournament): Karen, KP, Tiffany

And with that, we’re off to practice. How fabulous is it that we have practices that are NOT at 9:50 at night the day after our games? So fabulous!

3 thoughts to “Storm Women’s Hockey Team”

  1. Way too fabulous!
    Though I managed to stay up until almost 11:30 and started to panic because it was so late.

    But then I remembered that last year I would just be leaving the rink at that time….NICE!

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