Quick Hockey Update

Just got back from a really good practice. Only 5 folks from our partners-on-ice showed for practice tonight, and we had 10, so the coaches decided that we’d practice together. What a good call!

We started with a really basic drill – we called it “Drill 1” when we played on the Freeze. Two lines of skaters in the corners with pucks, one person skates out to the blue line, turns and comes back into the zone, receives a long pass from the person in the other line, and shoots. That person then skates out to the blue line, comes back in, receives the pass, and shoots. Ad infinitum… The first couple times through we all really stunk. A quick regrouping and things shaped up.

For the rest of practice we did 3-on-3 drills on half-ice. I really like those kinds of drills – they’re more game-like simply because they’re a lot quicker than our other drills. It was good to play with the folks from the other team as well – shakes things up. Learning names and hollering them out when we were trying to get a cycle going was fun, although I don’t know how much people can hear me when I holler because of my mouthguard. Oh well!

Got home late, so am heading to bed in a few minutes. Lots to get done in the next two days – all of it is scheduling, and I am so NOT a good scheduler. But this I want to be done well, for it’s all about hospitality and showing people the best of my workplace. And that is something I take quite seriously. (But you know what? A good admin assistant would be worth his/her weight in GOLD right now.)

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  1. if you could guarantee me bombay weather in boston, i would be happy to come help out with all things admin!

    the crazy anal detail-oriented organizing scheduler person

    ps your new math comment thingie is mind-bogglingly cool!

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