NH Panthers vs. MIT

Amy and I subbed for the Nashua, NH Panthers today as they played MIT. They are the only team in the world which has more defense than wingers and centers, so I ended up playing wing today. My wing partner was a woman named Sophy – also normally a defender.

Final score was 2-4; MIT managed to put a couple more in the net than we did. The periods were 18 (EIGHTEEN!) minutes long each, and they made ice between the second and third periods. It was just like “a real hockey game” as one of the Panthers put it.

Those 2 goals we got? One of them was my first one EVER. First period, we’re in their end, and I just set up on the far post. Kim (I think that’s her name) laced the puck through all their defenders and drew their goalie to the ground on her side. I was there waiting, and just popped it into the wide-open net.

🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

The second goal came in the third period. MIT had the puck in our end and coughed it up (literally, into the air) near the blue line. Amy used her entire body to knock it down, and passed to me as I was heading down the ice into their end. I drove hard down the left side of the ice, pushed hard into the middle as we got about the middle of the circle, and passed to the center of the ice in front of the net where Amy was driving hard, and Paula (my third-period wing partner) was following. It was a bit too far behind Amy for her to pick it up, but Paula was there and flicked it in. Assist: Megan.

So I’ve gotten a taste of scoring and I like how it feels. I doubt Steph!TP will let me skate up, but this gave me a real dose of confidence in driving to the net if/when I can. And in 4 hours I may just have the chance to put it into action, as we’ve got a Black Ice game against the team we share practice ice with, the Raging Storm.

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