New Comment Spam Plugin and a Hockey Update

I just found a new WordPress plugin called Challenge. Try to leave me a comment, and make sure you answer the question at the bottom of the form. I’m trying to come up with some silly questions to rotate around. So far it’s just math.

If this plugin works, I’m going to disable the Spaminator, which always hijacks a few people’s comments (I’m looking at you, Jen.)

We had a game tonight against one of the teams we’re pretty well matched with in the league. Although we didn’t win score-wise, we played really well. Amy scored a really nice goal (yay – she’s back!) I can tell that skating two more days a week is helping me become a better player. My confidence is increasing out on the ice – I only got burned a few times tonight when there were breakouts – and I definitely kept the puck in the offensive zone more than I ever have. And when we were trying to break out of our defensive zone, I spent a bit more time thinking about where to pass rather than just flinging the puck.

After the game a bunch of us tailgated in the parking lot. The team’s made up of such nice women – how lucky we were to find the team! Some beer, some chips, a 7-layer “foie gras” dip, and lots of laughing… probably the last time we’ll be able to do that this season, as the rest of our games are later at night and it’s getting COLD out there.

The little dog is a freak. She likes to be under the covers when she sleeps in the bed, and will often try to get under a blanket when we’re on the couch. She just went a little nutsy trying to get under the couch blanket (unsuccessfully). So instead, she laid down and shoved her face into the wall of blanket. And then harrumphed. Silly beast!

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