My Christmas Cactus

I have owned this tiny little Christmas Cactus for years. It has always sort of been on the verge of dying, sort of dusty, and never particularly interesting. This summer I repotted it and put it out on the front porch. About 2 weeks ago, when the temperatures started dropping to close to freezing, I brought it in to the kitchen. And voila! It’s blooming now! Who knew?

Christmas Cactus

Have you had any plant surprises lately? What did you do differently to your plants that you think caused it?

One thought to “My Christmas Cactus”

  1. African violets seem to perk up and bloom when I give them some friends (i.e. when they’re all by themselves they don’t do very well, but with others they flourish). After experimenting, I can also say they like warmth and even light, particularly of the halogen kind.

    Just killed a coleus by bringing it indoors…and as a rule, potted plants don’t seem to like frost. Discovered that last week unfortunately. Who knew, right?

    I could go on…

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