June Hockey

It’s been a while since I’ve written about hockey, and since I’ve just had a really intense week of it, thought I’d catch you all up on what’s been happening.

  1. 1000 Shots of June: Several folks from my regular-season team are in a contest to shoot at least 1000 shots in the month of June. The winner is the person with the highest shot count; everyone else buys that person a 6-pack of some microbrew beer. Needless to say, I’m totally trying to win this one (I love beer!) I started strong in week 1, tapered off a bit in week 2, and am really struggling with week 3 thus far. It doesn’t help that both Amy and I are out of town 10 days this month. Still, I think with some hard work, I can eek it out. Our friend Libby lent us a net which we set up in the garage. We’ve got 5 pucks and a big piece of plexiglass. Shoot 5, retrieve, repeat. It’s fun! And I’m totally going to get a goal this coming season!
  2. Carolina Team in the Concord Women’s Summer Hockey League: Amy and I signed up for the summer Sunday league in Concord (regular season practice ice). We got assigned to the Carolina team, which means we wear light blue. The other team names are white, blue, teal, orange, and black, which means that we WIN on cool team name basis! We’ve been to two games so far and missed one. So far I think we’re undefeated – fun! I like the mixed nature of the teams in this league – there are a lot of really great skaters out there and playing defense against them is only making me a stronger player. Had a lot of fun last Sunday against one winger in particular – she had a wicked shot, of which I took several on my body with bruises to show for it. 🙂
  3. Pink Ladies: We’re still 100% un-undefeated, but have had some success the past two weeks. Last week we played a C-level team and managed to score 3 goals, losing 3-5. And last night we played another C-level team, and while we lost 1-alot, we scored that one goal before they scored any goals. That meant we were ahead and winning for several minutes during the game! Rock! Our goalie Kelly is getting better every single game. Last night she made some of the most amazing saves – highlight-reel-worthy – that I’ve seen in a long time. Acrobatic, quick, smart, and instinctual. We only had 8 skaters last night, 3 on defense, so it was pretty easy to keep connected to the game the entire time. When there are 2 full lines you’re not in the game as much and it’s harder to keep focused the entire time. If I do say so myself, I had some great defensive play down by the net. To keep it honest, I also resembled an orange traffic cone up near the blue line, what with their wingers’ speed in skating past me with the puck… Lots to learn still, lots to learn!
  4. Cape Cod Canal Challenge with the Raging Black Phantoms aka Hambonis: Last weekend a team made up of half Black-Icers and half Phantoms (and 2 stray friends-of-the-organizer) played in the first annual Cape Cod Canal Challenge in Bourne, MA. The tournament proceeds all went to the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism – awesome! There were 12 teams in the tournament – 4 at each of the levels (B, C, D). We played in the D division. We won the first game 1-0 against the Ice Breakers, a local Cape team. The second game wasn’t quite as easy, and we ended up losing to the RI Raptors (a team that’s in our league in the regular season) 1-8. Yikes! Our final game against the Rip Tides we also lost. Sigh… so despite the Good Luck Pigs on our persons during the final game, we went 1-2 on the weekend and didn’t make the finals on Sunday morning. That said, our regular season coach, Steph, played for one of the B-level teams, and her team did make the finals. Amy and I watched her play an amazing game – which they sadly lost. To make up for it, we made her go to IKEA with us afterwards… Wahoo!

Amy and I are missing this Sunday’s hockey in Concord – and I hope that’s one of the last hockey things we miss until the end of July. Coming up are more of the Pink Ladies and Carolina games, hockey camp at Dartmouth, and a skating clinic. And BEER for winning the 1000 Shots of June competition!

3 thoughts to “June Hockey”

  1. Hey Hot Shot –
    You are NOT going to win the June 1000!
    Get that thought right out of your head.

  2. 1000 shots?! Do they have one of those goalie/target practice/5-hole thingies attached to the nets, or is it an empty net? I think that would be hell on your arms!

    Why is it that mixer leagues always assign colors? Well, I guess that I’d have to. I would have preferred my pink team to be called Pink Ladies and I swear, my green team jinxed ourselves by naming the team the Turtles — as in, ssssllllllooooowwwwww. We signed up as a team for the summer mixer, but now that we’ve played together for a few months, we’re a little stronger. I love year-round hockey, don’t you? 😀

    Congratulations on playing against higher-level teams. I know the final scores suck (especially when you’re the goalie), but the challenge only helps to make you a better player, don’t you think? I’ve always thought of D as the hardest position. When I skated up I was always a RWer. But having to skate backwards against another player coming at you? No thanks!

    Still, I LOVE playing with Ds who are willing to stop the puck with their bodies, skates, or what-have-you. Good for you!

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