Hockey Updates: Trinity, Monarchs, and Nighthawks

Black Ice LogoDid you think I stopped playing hockey since I haven’t blogged about it (or anything else) in a few weeks? Fortunately that wasn’t the case. I just wasn’t inspired to put fingers to keyboard until today.

We played Trinity a few weeks ago. Five of them were half our tournament team from the Walpole tournament, so it was a fun game. I always like to play them. Except. There is one woman on the team who I really like but she scares me on the ice (a bit out of control, plays gaelic football for fun, etc. etc.) So during the course of the game (which we lost – boo) I was trying to be really solid on my skates whenever she came near me. At the end of the first period, it meant that she skated right into me – both of us going full-tilt, her with the puck – and she ended up on the ice in a pile. I took the puck and skated away. Some may have called it a body check, but the ref didn’t. (I’ve never tried to throw a body check before, so I’m not sure if it was or not. Regardless, it was a BIG hit.) In the second period, a similar thing may or may not have happened down on the boards as she was driving the puck into the zone. Again, she ended up the worse for it, and I took the puck and skated away. Little did I know that my come-uppance was going to come up in the third period when we were still not-losing. We were in front of my goalie, the girl was out there with her center and as happens in women’s hockey at this level, there was a bit of a scrum in front of the net as they tried (successfully) to put the puck in the net. I think it was the center who ended up taking my skates out from under me and not the girl I’d hit, but man did I go down HARD. Landed first on my butt, then the back of my helmet hit. I was a bit dazed and stayed down for a minute. Then I got up and skated off the ice. Decided not to go back in for the rest of the game in case anything was broken (it wasn’t – no concussion, no pain, and only some aches and pains for a day or so afterwards.) Still, thank goodness I had in my mouth guard, otherwise I’d have knocked myself silly! And yeah, they scored during that whole ruckus, and I’m still ticked off and we lost.

This weekend saw Amy and I playing in two games – one for the NH Panthers and one for our regular team. The game with the Panthers was a lot of fun even if it was slow. We played their arch-rivals, the NH Lady Monarchs. The game was north of Manchester, about 90 minutes from our place, and we got to drive up in what ended up being a pretty miserable but not-too-scary snowstorm. Libby, Blue-Line Nancy, Amy, Liza, and I were there from the Black Ice (I think they might need to rename themselves from the Panthers to something else. Probably not the Black Panthers though. Just saying.) The best thing about the game for me was watching our goalie stand on her head making save after save after save. She made a save on a shot from the right point that ricocheted off my skate right at the net – it was beautiful (and scary for me, since defenders HATE scoring on their own goalies). There was also a great save she made on a fast-break. As I should have, I gave her the shooter and picked up the trailer. The shot came in on her right side and damn but she made a kick-save that was incredible! The rebound was juicy and the second trailer shot it high in the net. I have no idea how she managed to stop that one, but she did. In the third period she had a another amazing save on another fast break (yes, there was a theme to the game – our defense was a little shaky that night). The girl drove down the lane and I could see the goalie getting low in case the shot went low. But she didn’t go down on her knees; rather, she hovered and when the shot was actually high it was wicked awesome to see her knock it over the net with her right elbow. Fun times! We ended up in a 1-1 tie with them when all was said and done.

Last night we played the Nighthawks. The high points: I got an assist on one of our two goals (I took a shot on net and Marcia picked up the juicy juicy rebound and put it in)! I got off a lot of nice shots on net! I kept the puck in the zone a few times during offensive line changes! Amy/Libby/Holly’s line got a nice goal! The low points: Their first goal happened on a wrister that went through my legs about knee-high. We’re too nice and didn’t trip/hook/impede the girl on the fast-break when she ended up getting their second goal. We tied a team we should have beat, 2-2.

So that’s the quick hockey update. Other than hockey, life’s going well. Saw some great friends in Maine Superbowl weekend. Watched in anguish as the Patriots were replaced by the Little Sisters of the Poor during the Superbowl. Read a lot of good books. Found some new (to me) music and downloaded it for iPod listening. Am going to eat dinner right now.

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  1. Hmmm, was it the T2 Lady Monarchs? I just found your blog and it’s sort of neat to read all your updates! I’m one of the goalies for the Monarchs (T1-we play down in South Shore) and it’s nice to see some hockey blogs!

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