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My regular hockey season ended back at the end of March. We had a couple of tournaments in April. In May one of my two summer leagues started, and last Sunday, the other began. That means I’m back to playing twice a week again – thank goodness! Being on the ice is so therapeutic for me in so many ways (and not just because sometimes I get to hit people, although that’s kind of fun too…) On Sunday my regular team’s June 1000 shooting challenge began too. And for my birthday, Amy made/is making me a slide board.

Last night in my WAWHL game (our team is Raising Kane) I finally scored from the point! I’ve scored in other games, while playing wing, but never while playing defense. There was kind of a mess of people in front of the net on the right side of the ice, and my winger popped the puck up to me. The goalie (hi Lynn!) was completely screened and I saw a sliver of open net on the left side. Somehow the shot went through all the people and cleanly in the net. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. We ended up winning the game 5-1.

Our CWSHL team is Purple – thank GOD we aren’t the pink team. Their jerseys hurt my eyes. We lost our first game 5-6; total barnburner and lots of fun. Our team seems evenly balanced with a few rec/instructional players, a couple of D players, a few C players, and one or two B players. Should be a fun summer.

Some pictures –

April Showers: puck handling (note to self: keep head up when handling the puck), looking thoughtful, passing, Amy,  blogless Libby, headshot, Black Ice between periods

Champlain Shootout (whole games, can’t link to individual pics): Black Ice vs. Van Kleek Hill Griffins, Black Ice vs. West Chester Wildcats

I’ll be posting updates for future games, and will see if blogless Libby will let me post selections from her post-game writeups.

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