Heat Wave Saturday

It just got really hot here today. Yuck. But despite that, Amy and I are hard at work shooting pucks for our hockey team challenge – 1000 shots in the month of June.

June 1000 Challenge

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We’ve got a pretty nifty setup this year. On the ground is a sheet of plywood, and clipped onto the top of it is a piece of plexiglass. We have 21 pucks. On the chain-link fence you’ll see part of my Christmas present from Amy – puck targets. We keep all that stuff in our front porch and simply drag it across the street when we want to shoot. I had to mow the grass between the “ice” and the “net” today, but it works!

Our garden is coming along nicely. I think we’ll be able to transplant the tomatoes and peppers by the middle of next week. Here are our Amish Snap Peas (all veggies other than our okra are from Seed Savers Exchange):

Amish Snap Peas

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Our purple clematis is taking over the front porch. I don’t mind because frankly, it’s gorgeous. I hope it keeps blooming for a long time.

Pale Purple Clematis The Clematis is taking over Clematis

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And Maggie guards the house while I sit and take photos of Amy shooting pucks (and myself…)

Ms. Maggie in the Heat, Guarding the House Self-Portrait in Heat, Against Maple

Hope you all are staying cool. We’re off to do a little more yardwork, and then I think we may try to go see a movie in a cool, cool theater.

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