Have a Heart Tournament 2008

Have A Heart LogoThe 2008 Have a Heart Tournament was this weekend in Fitchburg MA, and the Black Ice played in it. We had a few subs – Liza, who’s on our roster, but only plays a few tournaments with us each year, Theresa, who’s on a C-level team in our league, and Ann, who’s played for all of one summer and is wicked good.

Game 1 was against the Eagles, a team which is in our regular league. They brought part of their D team (the one we play against) and part of their C team (the team a level up from us). We knew the game would be a tough one, but they weren’t expecting us to bring our best game. Then when Libby put two quick pucks in their net, they realized they had to buckle down and actually play us, rather than simply coasting by.

We put in two more goals, but the refs only counted one of them even though we’ve got video evidence that the other went in. We ended up losing 3-4, so that other goal really would have made a difference for us. Alas, the goal that wasn’t counted didn’t even approach being the worst thing that happened in the game. In the third period, WES tangled with one of the Eagles and they ended up going into the boards. I’ve seen her hit the boards a lot harder than she did right then, but I’ve never seen her ankle bend the way it bent on Friday. Her boyfriend was there (thank goodness) and got her to an ER. The report the next morning is a probable fracture, which stinks on a whole lot of levels. One – she was having a really good season. Two – she was having a great game. And three – our team plays better when she’s there. We’ll find out Tuesday what the definitive diagnosis is, and then we’ll hope that she heals quickly and that rehab is fast and straightforward.

Black Ice LogoWe played game 2 against the non-stacked NEWHL team (yeah, they said right out loud that they stacked one of the two teams they entered into the tournament, which is just weird and kind of crappy if you ask me, but then there’s a reason I don’t skate with them and only part of it is because they practice Wednesday and Friday mornings when most of the world is at work. ANYHOO I’ll stop being bitchy now.) It was a fun game; we totally dominated them and ended up with the win, 2-1. They scored first on a horrible bobble by me, Ann, Libby, and Lynn. Argh! Of course, we tied it up when Theresa dumped the puck into their zone and it just happened to dump on the net, and the goalie just happened to take her concentration off of it for a second. Yeah, she scored from the red line! Good fun! Our second goal was my Amy – I popped the puck out of the zone up the left boards to Tracey Lee. A couple of NEWHL players swarmed around her, but she’s good on the boards and BOINK got it off the boards to Amy. She took it into our offensive zone, deked around their defenders, and got her shot off. It went in and we all celebrated! Wooooo!

Game three was this morning against last year’s tournament champions, the Great Bay Riptide from coastal NH. A bunch of them were out last night but unfortunately weren’t as hung over as we’d have liked them to be. Oh well. A few observations on the game:

  1. It was a LOT more physical than the other two games. Amy kept getting mugged in our offensive end. I may or may not have gotten annoyed by that and started getting more physical in our defensive zone. I’ll never say.
  2. The refs sucked. Flat out they were bad. One of them was watching the blue line right by our bench and I watched him actively NOT watching the game. As in he was staring off into space, over at their bench, and not at the game. That said, they ended up calling at least 4 penalties on us. They called Amy for interference when she went for the puck, got the puck, turned around, and ran into one of their players who fell down.
  3. Their four goals were more than our two (only one of which was counted because the refs [see commentary in item 2] didn’t see one of them go into the net and bounce out.) Their first goal came on a crappy defensive line change. Yeah, I’m a defender and was involved. Grump. Then they had two really sweet shots that went upstairs on our goalie, and there wasn’t much she could do about either one. One of those went past Theresa, and one went past me. I managed to get myself in front of 3 other shots though – shin, crotch, and skates. I also grabbed a puck that was lying in the crease next to Lynn and sent it flying out of the zone, but DIDN’T ice it! In the final period, though, the same sort of thing happened only no one in a white jersey could get the puck out of the crease before a blue jersey-ed girl poked it in.
  4. Loss notwithstanding, I think we played well. Lynn made a ton of saves and we started shooting in the third period. And Pammie got a sweet breakaway and put a beautiful shot in the net that did get counted, so their goalie didn’t get a shutout.

Overall, the tournament was fun. I really enjoyed playing with our subs, and having Ann as my defensive linemate was a blast. I can’t believe she’s only played the game for one summer because she’s so good. Natural athletes amaze me, and she’s definitely one of those.

No practice this week, and then we’re on vacation for our next league game against the Raging Storm (ARGH – of all the games to miss, that one stings the most!) so it’s going to be a while until I see my Black Ice girls again. Boo hiss… Then we’ve only got three more games and three more practices until the regular season is done! Fortunately we’ve got at least two more tournaments lined up as a team once the season is over.

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  1. I played a whole summer of pick up with the Riptide. They’re a fun and nice group. Now they’re the only other team to compete at the C1 level out of NH so I had to play them in States for us to advance to Regionals (which are this weekend!) They always go to that tournament, but play down a level to prepare for States. They should play up a level and compete at the B level to get tuned up for playoffs. I always find it much more fun to play the faster teams because it forces your own game to be raised up, and gets you ready for the type of competition you’ll see at Regionals.

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