Game vs. Trinity (formerly the Phantoms D)

We lost 0-2. We got called for about a bazillion penalties, only one of which may have been remotely legitimate. They got called for a couple of penalties, only one of which may have been remotely legitimate. Yours truly got sent to the penalty box not once, but TWICE. See my previous comment about whether I deserved to be there or not… The first penalty was for cross-checking. It’s hard to call someone for cross-checking when they’re throwing their hands up in self-defense from the crazed Gaelic football player masquerading as a hockey player who’s bearing down on them, but there you go. If the ref would have called me for interference I’d be less annoyed at the whole thing. The second penalty was for tripping. I’d have been THRILLED to have been close enough to their player to trip her, but she’d blown past me down behind the goal and simply lost an edge into the corner. I actually watched her skate lose the edge and her skate boot hit the ice. Oh well. They didn’t score on either of those power plays.

That said, their two goals came on breakaways. On one, Amy was pushing their player wide into the goalie’s left side of our defensive zone. Their player shot it to our goalie’s right, and we all thought it was wide. Including the goalie. We were all wrong. The same sort of thing happened later in the game, only I think this time we didn’t put hardly any pressure on their skater at all, leaving our goalie dangling in the breeze.

We got about 50 shots on goal. I’m assuming that if their goalie was a D-level goalie we’d have put a few of those in. As it is, they’ve got a B-level goalie on their roster. Not that I’m annoyed about THAT or anything.

So yeah, not a favorite game of mine.  We don’t play them again this half of the season, so I can focus on actually enjoying their team as people (because I’ve played with some of them before and like them!) But dude. I don’t like playing them. Not one bit.

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  1. Heh — was it a home game for them? Up here, anyway, the home team has to schedule the refs. In the ONE game we’ve won so far this season, the refs would yell, “Loose puck,” when it was in their zone, but in ours? Nah. But they kept getting called on being offsides, so…can’t complain too much.

    I know what you mean about rookie teams having these superstar goalies. Very annoying. Still, 50 SOGs is really frickin’ awesome!

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