Game vs. Storm Chasers

We had one of our rare Saturday night games last night, against one of the two teams we always really, really want to beat. (The Storm Chasers and the Raging Storm are part of Storm Women’s Hockey, just like our team, the Black Ice.)

The most important part of the game is that we won, 1-0. What that score doesn’t tell, however, is that we pretty much dominated the game. We spent about 75% of the game in their end, and when they did get the puck into the neutral zone, we were pretty good at tangling them up and defusing any breakaways. They had a few sustained efforts in our zone, but didn’t manage to get many shots off at Lynn.

The highlights in my mind include:

In the first period, I took a sweet wrister from left point. Libby (I think) passed the puck back to me, their winger didn’t step up to me so I walked it in about 2 steps into the circle, and then let loose with one of the shots we’d been practicing last week. Apparently it went pretty much between all of their players and ours, and THUNKed off the goalie’s stick.  I AM GOING TO SCORE THIS YEAR.

Also in the first period, they got a breakaway. Arlene (who practices with us even though she’s on their team) was driving hard to our goal. We tangled and I managed to keep her outside so she couldn’t get off a good shot. We did that in practice last week too.

In the second period, I stripped the puck from one of their wings in our zone and drove hard into their zone, taking the shot a few steps too late. Linda (their goalie) stopped it nicely, and I picked up the rebound as I was going behind the net. Of course, then I panicked (“what the HELL am I doing down here?”) and threw it up the boards a bit, hoping that a winger would be there to grab it. Alas, no one was there and one of their defenders got it out of the zone. Sigh…

The scariest moment of the game came in the second period. STP and I weren’t watching their wingers too well when we were in their zone, and all of a sudden we coughed up the puck and one of their players threw it to the cherry-picking winger in the middle of the ice. STP and I hauled ass after her. Lynn decided to come out of the goal to challenge her – not a move she’s tried before in a game! – and stopped the first shot. The rebound was soooo juicy, and neither STP nor I were paying any attention to the second and third Storm Chasers into the zone. The second player picked it up, and somehow both STP and I managed to throw ourselves sort of between her and the goal (Lynn was well out of the net, scrambling to get back on her feet at this point). Her shot bonked off the left post, and I think the third girl tried to grab that rebound and stuff it in. AAAAAAHHHHH! Thank God no one scored there. We were so so lucky.

In the third period, Sharon, one of their centers and along with Arlene their biggest scoring threat, was driving hard through the neutral zone. I pushed her hard outside and just stuffed her at the blue line, forcing her to go off-sides. My chest puffed up a little bit with pride on that one, I admit.

The only score of the game also came during the third period. Libby (who had a wicked pissa game) deked past two of their defenders and put the puck on net , just barely getting out of the way to let Amy pick up the rebound. Only Amy didn’t get the rebound, because Mich blew past her and stuffed it in – then Amy collided with Mich and they, the goalie, and the puck all ended up in a small heap in the net. SCORE!

It was a really fun game, and as I said, it’s so good we won since we outskated them in so many ways. But when there are a few really strong players on the other team (Arlene and Sharon as scorers, Wendall on defense) sometimes simply outskating isn’t enough. Whew to that goal of ours!

With this win, we’re now 6-4 on the season. I’m so proud of us.

One thought to “Game vs. Storm Chasers”

  1. Lots of horsepower behind that shot you took Megan! I saw it fly by me as I was trying to back up towards the net….

    My other favorite part – Amy pushes the faceoff puck towards me, I send it back to you, you skate up & pull the wing towards you, then you bounce it off the boards right back to me. This play happened often last summer when I was playing with C-level skaters…nice to see that we can pull it off too!

    Go Black Ice.

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