Game vs. RI Panthers

How on earth is it possible to play two games in one game? Because that’s totally what happened tonight.

Game 1 was the first period. We had 13 skaters and our goalie, which translates into 3 offensive lines and 2 defensive lines. We skated hard, we forechecked the heck out of the puck, we let very little into our defensive zone. I managed to get three big rushes up the ice from our defensive zone into our offensive zone, letting loose with a shot on each one. The first hit the left side post (dang!), the second was wide to the right, and the third was wide to the left. Must practice my shots more, and continue feeling confident taking advantage of those opportunities.

Game 2 was the second and third periods. We ended up with a 14th skater, so one of our wings dropped back to defense and we played 5 defense. That’s always hard because it means 1.) every shift you’re out there with someone different and 2.) the three who normally play right sometimes have to shift to left. So we were off on defense, and I’m not sure what happened to the 3 offensive lines, but we had nothing.

It didn’t help that the RI Panthers had one incredibly mean player. She nailed pretty much everyone on our team – a couple of cross-checks that I saw (refs didn’t…) and at one point she had her stick wedged between Jonesy’s legs and was just messing with her. Purposely. I hate it when that kind of thing happens, because it gets us all worked up, and if we’re not on our game to begin with, getting worked up takes us even farther off it.

Amy got a stupid penalty. STUPID (not her, the call). She was skating out of the zone and one of their players put her head down, turned into Amy, and fell over on her butt. The ref called Amy for interference. Whatever. Stupid call. The girl didn’t look where she was going. Fortunately, we killed the penalty quite nicely.

What else? Yeah, it wasn’t our best game. The final score was 0-4. I was out there for 2 of the goals – one came on a breakout from my side when I’d pinched down in our offensive zone, and the other was on a similar play except that I did make it back but then the RI player held the puck just a bit longer and a bit longer and a bit longer yet and then popped it up and over our goalie.

So we played two games tonight – a great one in which we tied 0-0, and a really not-good one in which we lost 0-4. But still, a bad day playing hockey is still a good day.

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