Game vs. Rhode Island Panthers

Black Ice LogoWhat happens when you take 16 skaters, 2 goalies, 2 coaches, 2 refs, and a puck and put them out on the ice? Well, you’ve got a game, for one thing. And you’ve got two rather tired teams for another.

Yeah, we normally have 10-13 skaters for any given game, but on Sunday we ended up with nine (the RI Panthers only had 7, so I’m only complaining a little bit…) That meant that we played 3 defenders, and whenever that happens there’s going to be some inopportune moment when one of us D is bailing off the ice and possession changes in the blink of an eye and then WHAM BAM we get scored on.

We ended up losing the first period 0-3, and winning the second 2-1 and the third 1-0 – which means we lost 3-4. Grumble.

Their first goal: about a minute into the game, Jonesy and I end up behind the net trying to grab the puck away from each other. We miscommunicate, I completely lose sight of the puck and pop back in front of the net on the goalie’s right side. She thinks I’ve got the puck and follows me. In the meantime, Jonesy kept going around the boards and came out also on the goalie’s right side. Unfortunately, we both left the RI player behind the net with the puck, so she walked it right around the left side and BOINK.

Their second and third and fourth goals: variations on this theme – defense and/or center does something boneheaded either in front of the net, behind it, or on our offensive blue line, RI player gets the puck, and BOINK.

Lest you think the game was all doom and gloom – it was not! Only that first period really stunk. The second period we turned it on and Amy scored twice. I was on the ice for both her goals, and set up the second one. Since I was involved more in that, I remember it better…. In our defensive zone, a RI player coughed up the puck to me. I had room so I skated it through the neutral zone and between Amy and Marcia into our offensive zone. Since I threaded between both of them at the blue line, I knew one of them was most likely trailing right behind me. As the RI defender stepped up to challenge me, I dropped the puck behind me to a rather surprised Marcia. She took the shot, it rebounded out, and Amy got it and stuffed it in! Too bad the score sheet only has one box for assists, because I think I deserve that one.

The third goal of our was due simply to Marcia’s tenacity – she just wouldn’t give up and kept the puck alive and out of the goalie’s grasp until she had the tiniest of openings, and then BOINK!

I had some really funny exchanges with the player who scored three of their four goals. My favorite was down in front of our goalie when she and I hit each other, somehow got arms, legs, and sticks wrapped into a huge pretzel, and ended up on the ice (and how I didn’t break her stick given how it was in my legs and under my butt I will NEVER know!) – there was all sorts of “oh my gosh, are you okay? I’m okay, yes, you? Yeah, I’m fine but how about you??? Oh I’m good!” That came shortly after I’d moved her out from in front of the net, at which point she said, “Oh! There’s someone there!” I replied, “Just your friendly neighborhood defender doing my job!” We both laughed. That kind of banter really hasn’t happened much for me this year, and it was refreshing to get a bit in before the season ends (SOB TOO SOON).

So we’ve got two more games left in our regular season. We’re 8-9-2 right now, and I’d really like to end up at least at .500 this year. Unfortunately I think we play the one team in the league that’s undefeated next week… Gah!

Our GF/GA numbers are great this year compared to last year – I think we’re only at a -2 overall whereas last year we were at (shhhh) -43 (in other words, our opponents scored 43 more goals than we did). Lynn’s stopping so much more this year than she did last year; this game was one of the highest-scoring games we’ve been in all season, whereas last year we often gave up 5 and 6 goals in a game. I know it probably makes her feel better to give up fewer goals, but as a defender, it makes ME feel a ton better knowing that I’m also part of the equation, and one that’s getting better and better for us.

Tournament time is coming up – I can’t wait!

3 thoughts to “Game vs. Rhode Island Panthers”

  1. the unremembered goal was probably the prettiest! Good combination play between Marcia, Lisa O and me on a 3-on-1 break. I was lucky enough to be at the end of it all.

  2. We have one last chance to ruin the NH Panthers undefeated season…let’s give it a good Black Ice try, huh? One win and one tie would let us end at .500.
    There is still hope!

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