Game vs. Raging Storm

Another week, another win! I’m pretty excited about this one, as it’s a team we SHOULD beat every time we play them, and it’s a team we had lots of problems with last year. This time? We (for the most part) played our game, and ended up beating them 6-2.

Goals were by: Amy (2), MichW, Holly, Jonesy, and LisaO. LisaT and Nancy both got assists (go defense!) as did WES and a few other folks.

I was on the ice for 3 of our goals – for sure one of Amy’s, the one where LisaO was completely and utterly offsides and the ref didn’t call it. Whoops! I think I was also on the ice for Jonesy’s goal and either Holly’s or MichW’s. I kind of forgot.

The first goal that the Rage scored was utter crap, and was I standing right there when it went in? Why yes I was! Hate it when my head’s not in the game and my feet aren’t moving. Somehow I managed to plant myself right in front of Lynn so she couldn’t see the dinky little shot that they dribbled in. Grrrr. The second goal was on a Rage power play, and it was a pretty shot – no harm in that.

We looked good tonight. Wish I could remember more about the game (sorry Lib!) but we might have to turn to Amy for more commentary. Perhaps a guest blog post?

Edited to add: One of my goals this year is to score a goal – either from the point or on a rush. Today I took several shots from the point (none of them on-net, which means I’ve got some work cut out in that area) and I made a couple of mad rushes. The first rush was in the second period; Amy’s line was on offense, and I was playing left defense. This was somewhere during the 4-minute time frame in which we didn’t let them break out of the zone… HA! At any rate, I grabbed the puck on the high point as they were trying to break it out, started for the net, and got to about the middle of the circle before bailing out. Not sure why I did that, as Amy was yelling at me that she had my back (i.e. was playing so they wouldn’t get a breakout should they gain possession of the puck) but there you have it. I threw the puck somewhere towards the net, bleh. The second rush was a LOT better and a LOT more fun! They were trying to break out of their zone, and it is SO EASY to see what they’re trying to do on the breakout (it helps to practice on the same ice as them every Monday night, and to know that they’ve got a very basic breakout which involves passing the puck straight up the ice towards their winger/our point.) So this time, they were working on breaking it up my side, and it looked like the puck was coming out. Most of the Black Ice had already bailed back to get onto defense, but I pinched in and took the puck off their winger’s stick. Rather than dumping the puck deep into the zone (where we weren’t) it seemed like a better idea to go to net, and hard. I made it about 5 feet away from the goalie before shooting. Alas, she stopped it. But GRRRR it felt good. I *will* score a goal this season.

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  1. You rock! I LOVED the pics from the hockey game…you’re so cool. I’m glad Heather and Jennifer introduced me to you, even if we didn’t talk long!

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