Game vs. Nighthawks D

Short update on tonight’s hockey game (hey, the Patriots are playing and I need to pay attention to the game!)

First off, we won 2-1. Amy scored both our goals, and their goal came on a power play.

Lines were:

  • D: LisaT/Nancy and STP/me
  • C: Amy, Marcia
  • F: Lib/Jonesy, WES/Holly, Mich/Tracey

Lynn did awesome back in goal tonight! She made some really great saves – saves that last year she would have had a difficult time pulling off. It’s really neat to see her gaining a lot of confidence and playing more aggressively.

The heartbreak of the night (which was reminiscent of the soccer game that Amy, Lib, and Nancy played earlier in the day) was the fact that we had SO MANY CHANCES to score and either their goalie made amazing saves or we just ever-so-slightly missed the mark. Lib in particular was robbed on a couple of beautiful backhand shots. Coach was talking with us after the game and her comment on that was something to the effect of “you had the puck on your backhand, took the shot, it was blocked back to you, you took another shot and lifted it this time, and it lifted 11 inches off the ice and the goalie’s pads were 12 inches tall.”

It was a fun game. There’s no practice this week with the team (although I am practicing with the club college team) and no game next weekend. A bit of respite is a good thing right about now. We are missing a scrimmage up in New Hampshire on Friday, and a couple of pickups at Walpole, but I suppose we’ll survive somehow!

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