Game vs. NH Panthers

So losing to the only undefeated team in the league by a score of 4-2 isn’t bad, right? Right???

Well explain to me why I felt like I had a crappy game when everyone keeps telling me how well I played? Explain to me how 3 of the 4 goals were by their #13, who skated right at me, used me as a screen, and put the puck in the net? Explain to me as well why I wasn’t on the ice for either of the goals we scored?


Okay, now that I got THAT out of my system…

So we played the only undefeated team in our league on Saturday night, and we kept the game really close! Amy and Libby both scored tonight, which was awesome! Amy even managed to score when she’s in the midst of an awful head cold. Competitive much?

We were short on defense, so Tracey Lee stepped back with me and did a really good job. She’s got a completely different style than my regular partner, STP, which made for a few moments of “gah!” on my part. But she’s strong and she’s got great reach, and I’m happy to have the chance to play back with her.

Lines tonight: Amy, Lib, and Jonesy; Marcia, WES, and Denise; me and Tracey; and LisaO and Nancy. None of these are lines which have played together before (except Nancy/LisaO) and while it wasn’t obvious, I think we all felt it a little bit. That said, the lines were STRONG and not ones I’d dismiss were I coaching or playing against us.

Like I said, their #13 scored 3 times while I was on the ice. When our wings and centers finally figured out how to help us defenders double-team her, we pretty much shut her down. Too bad it took all of us 2+ periods to figure that out.

What else? Coach Steph, Lib, and Denise all keep telling me that I’m getting better. Apparently I am – although I’m also noticing more and more of the mistakes I’m making, which is frustrating. But I’ll take the compliments, because the alternative (telling them all that they’re cracked) isn’t really palatable.

No game Sunday this week – which means an entire day off between game and practice! While it’ll be nice for me, I think it’ll be essential for Amy, who’s up in bed right now, hacking up a lung.

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  1. Coach, Libby and Denise are not cracked. They are correct. Ms. Megan has turned in to arguably our best defender on the team, though I may be biased 🙂

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