Game vs. Ice Devils

Oh my goodness, does it feel good to win handily! Coach Steph came into the locker room after the game and said, “That’s the game I’ve been waiting two years for the Black Ice to have! You dominated a team that you were better than, you didn’t let up, and you played to your potential.” (Okay, I’m paraphrasing there, but that was the general sentiment.)

The final score was 5-1. Amy had one pretty goal and one FUNKY goal. The funky one was the best – she, WES, and Lib were down digging in front of the net. She tried to take a shot from the left low slot, but it kind of bounced around. She managed to grab it back while she was even lower and then just flung it up on an incredibly sharp angle towards the net. (She reported to me later that she was trying to find Lib in front of the net on that one.) The puck came off her stick, and whizzed past the goalie’s left ear – note that she was shooting from the goalie’s right side – and CLANK it hit the top corner of the post and went in. No one was quite sure how it had actually gone in given her angle, but hey! It was a goal and we weren’t going to say no.

Her second goal was pretty – I missed most of the setup and the shot as I was trying to do a line change. But I was on the ice when it went in, so I’m counting it as a +1. The other goal I was on the ice for was a really beautiful shot by Bruiser. There was a face-off at center ice. Bruiser drew the puck back to STP, who passed it forward over the blue line right to Bruiser. She took 2 steps with the puck and let it loose – it caught the goalie unaware and snuck in on her right side (note: Bruiser shot from her left). Great shot – and my defensive partner got the assist!

Other goals were scored by MichW and Scooter (I think… correct me anyone if I’m wrong. Amy thinks MichW got both of them and I think Scooter got both of them. So I’m splitting the difference.)

The utter heartbreak of the night: Denise got a breakout up the right side of the ice. She blew into the zone, wound up, and let loose. The puck hit metal someplace, and we all thought it went in – on the bench AND on the ice. (Seriously – I SWEAR it went in!) After the shot, Denise went ass over teakettle, TLee came flying in and collapsed (in joy?) in a heap on the left boards, somehow Jonesy also ended up on the ground, and the LisaT and BlueLine Nancy were celebrating. All of a sudden, everyone realized that the whistle hadn’t blown yet, that the Ice Devils had the puck, and that there were two of them almost at the blue line. LisaT hauled ass (yes, that’s the theme of this particular play) and managed to break up the fast break as the buzzer blew.

Things  I noticed that weren’t directly related to the scoring:

  • Lib was playing left wing and she was right where I wanted to pass on the breakout almost every time. The one time she wasn’t open I realized, “Huh, look at all those Ice Devils surrounding Lib. Maybe I should pass to her. WAIT. NO. Bad idea! She’s got all of them tangled up, so I’m going to hit WES on the other side of the ice!” But the work she did tonight on the breakout was stunning.
  • LisaO played D again, and I like having her back there! She’s a very good defensive center (in that I like having her as a center when I’m on D in our defensive zone) and she’s made the transition these past two games to playing in the back really easily.
  • Denise is a completely different player this year. It’s really great to see.
  • Lynn pulled some saves from thin air tonight – because she wasn’t getting a lot of help from yours truly! She didn’t see a lot of action, but when she did she was really solid back in net.
  • When we get on the ice and the countdown to the game starts immediately (we get 3 minutes) I need to have stretched in the locker room so I can get my stick on the puck and feel it. Yikes. I stunk for the first 1.5 periods tonight re: puck-handling. Yuck.
  • Apparently I am capable of being a brick wall. Evidence: Ice Devils winger is taking the puck out of our zone into neutral ice. I stepped up, put my stick on the puck, and managed to become a wall that she ran into and fell down at the feet of. Seriously – I have no idea how it happened (nor do I know how I wasn’t called for tripping – part of my “wallness” was my stick getting in her way as well). She was ticked nothing was called, but as I yelled to her, “I played the puck!”

Fun times! I like to win.

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  1. I was P-O’ed that I had tripped over the puck in front of the net and knocked it off to the side. So after I chased it down, I just fired it back at the net – figured I’d hit the goalie as hard as I could to make a rebound for Libby. Surprisingly, I heard a PING as it went of a post… I’ll take it.

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