Game vs. Ice Devils

Black Ice LogoWe won! We won! And we played well. The quick recap (because I’m tired and want to get to bed by 11 p.m.) follows.

About halfway through the first period they were throwing some stuff around on the my side of the boards in our defensive end. Someone flung it at the net and it went waaaaaaay up in the air. Lynn tried valiantly to knock it back behind the net, but instead it ended up in the net. Bummer. A few minutes later, we were in our offensive end. They weren’t covering us points at all. I like it when they don’t do that. With about 25 seconds left in the period, either Jonesy or LisaO passed the puck up the boards to me. I took a few steps towards the net and let off a shot that went through about 3 red jerseys. Libby was set up right in front of the net and DOINK tipped it in! That was a great way to end the period – up, pumped, and ready to go for the next one. We scored twice in the second period – the first on a pass from Libby to Lisa O, and the second on a wicked breakout from WES to Marcia. In the locker room after the game, WES characterized Marcia’s goal as “a hockey goal.” Now that might not make a lot of sense if you consider that we were playing hockey. Aren’t they all hockey goals? Nope, they’re not. Some of them are garbage goals, some of them are lucky goals, and some of them are just plain goals. This one was a hockey goal, in that she drove hard to the net and lifted a really nice shot from the hash marks that finessed and powered its way past the goalie. THAT is a hockey goal.

We got a couple of penalties in the third period; one for hooking and one for too many players on the ice. That second one? COMPLETELY my fault. I thought I saw the other left defender coming towards the boards so I got ready to go over. When she was about 6 feet away I flung myself over – and right then the puck ended up right in front of the boards and the other left defender played it (as she SHOULD have) while I frantically tried to fling myself back over the boards. Too late – the ref was standing right there. Sigh… But I’ll say this – we killed both of those penalties quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

The last time we played this team, we lost. We shouldn’t have, but we didn’t mentally show up. The time before – and this time – we dominated them on both ends of the ice and it felt good. I’ll also say this: it was actually fun to play them now that their crazy scary teammate got suspended for 10 games this season, and 2 into next season. I hope no other team takes her on come the fall because y’all: She. Is. Nuts. And not having her out there on the ice is a good thing.

Tomorrow: practice (assuming the snowstorm isn’t too bad)
Tuesday: skills session in Walpole
Wednesday: practice with the Phantoms
Thursday: no hockey!
Friday: tourney game vs. Cape Cod Hurricanes
Saturday: tourney games vs. ICE and Raising Kane
Sunday: tourney game (if we win 2 of 3) and league game vs. Bulldogs

If you count that up, it totals 8 games/practices in the next 7 days, assuming we have practice tomorrow and we are in the championship game next Sunday. I may keel over on MLK Jr. Day. Thank goodness I don’t have to work.

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