Game vs. Eagles (Cougars D)

Argh. That, in one word, sums up the end result of tonight’s game.

Well, that and a 1-2 score – all of which I was technically on the ice for. The first goal against I was right there – yeah, I’ll take that -1, but on the other goal against and the goal for I’d just come on the ice, so they kind of cancel each other out.

So what to say about the game tonight?

  • Amy scored our goal and had two more wicked awesome shots that most other goalies in our league would have let in. Too bad their goalie was on fire tonight!
  • Some winger on their team can check. Hard. (Note: this is a non-checking league.) She nailed my defensive partner and me on different plays. We’re going to compare bruises on our ribs as soon as they start showing. Ouch.
  • My confidence increases pretty much every game. My skating is stronger, I rush into the offensive zone when I can, my passes are better now than ever (although some of them are still incredibly bone-headed), and I’m less pooped after every game. Biking to work every day has helped my legs get stronger too. Love it.
  • All three of our offensive lines generated lots of shots on net. @*$#@ goalie for the Eagles, stopping almost everything!

We’re 1-1 in the SSWHL right now – even on goals for and against (2-2). Next week we play the Ice Devils D; I don’t remember them from last year. The first week they played the RI Panthers and won 2-1, last week they beat the Bulldogs 3-0. Looks like it could be a tough game, but I think we’re ready!

2 thoughts to “Game vs. Eagles (Cougars D)”

  1. FYI – for my personal stats I don’t count those “scored the minute I stepped onto the ice” goals. I figure they are MY personal stats so I can use MY rules. If a goal was scored because I made a sucky line change, I would count that against me…

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