Game vs. Eagles (Cougars D)

Black Ice LogoSeems like we just played this team, and you know what? We did! Last time we played them we lost 3-4; this time the score was lower, and we still lost – 1-2. Sigh.

Things I remember about the game:

  • Marcia scored our goal – a sweet wrister from the left side of the net that just zipped past Wendell (their goalie).
  • We only had 3 defenders, and yet we played 3 pairs of wings and 2 centers… still trying to figure that out. Since this was a FAST game, it would have been smarter for us to run 2 wing pairs, 2 defensive pairs, and 3 centers. That said, the three of us did really well out there.
  • One of their goals was simply us losing the scrum in front of the net. Neither Amy nor I can remember how their other goal happened (she was one of the 2 centers, so she was sucking wind too!)

And that’s about all I remember. It’s weird not remembering much, but there’s a good reason: immediately after our game was done, Amy, Libby, Marcia, and I grabbed our bags, hauled them to the locker room next door, and played a second game with the Storm, one of the C-level teams in our league and organization (Storm Women’s Hockey.) We played against a team they’d lost to 0-6 the last time they played them. This time the game ended in a 3-3 tie, which I think means that we didn’t drag them down too much!

That second game was a lot of fun, even if I was beat from our Black Ice game. I played with one of their feistier defenders and although she was a better player overall than me, the difference between our skill sets wasn’t as huge as I feared it might be. Guess that means that I can hang with a C-level team, huh? (At least with that team on Sunday!) Amy, Libby, and Marcia all played quite well too – it was a lot of fun to play with all of them at the higher level.

2 thoughts to “Game vs. Eagles (Cougars D)”

  1. Oh I know how that stupid second goal happened because I was stepping onto the ice watching it all unfold. It was a darn breakaway and Jonesie almost caught her…but the girl managed to get a shot off and it found a space between Lynn’s pads and her glove. Fudge!

  2. Hi M, A thank you is long overdue for your notes last week. I’ve thought about what you wrote numerous times. You’re right, I am a much stronger person than I used to be, and I know I can handle whatever comes. We made an appointment to talk to someone next Wednesday. Thank you so much for your support over the years. It means a lot. xo

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