Game vs. Bulldogs

We won! Lynn our goalie claims this was the strongest team we’ve beaten this season, and after some discussion with Libby, I think I agree with her.

The final score was 3-2. Interestingly enough, I was on the ice for the 2 and on the bench for the 3. Harrumph. That’s my only real disappointment about the game, though. We played well.

Our first goal came on a breakout. Marcia grabbed the puck and hauled ass up the ice. She shot, and she scored. It was pretty.

The goals they got were both tough ones. The first was on a 3-on-2. STP covered the puck carrier and I tried desperately to cover the passing lane but got sucked puck-side despite my best intentions. The pass went off, the girl shot, it went right past me and through Lynn’s feet. Grump.

Our second goal was Marcia’s line again – this time Mich popped it in. That girl has a nose for the net.

Second goal by the Bulldogs was one of those slow-motion ones. Girl in the mid-slot popped one at Lynn, she came right out at her and stopped it, dropping to her belly on the ice (out of the crease). Somehow the puck got loose and despite all our best efforts (“our” being me, STP, Lynn, and Marcia) it bounced around about 3 more times before one of their players flipped it over Lynn’s left leg. Grump again.

And then Marcia, Holly, and Mich’s line struck again, and Mich put in the game-winning goal. Fun times!

We decided that our good-luck charm at tonight’s game was Coach’s mom, who sat on the bench with us and took photographs the entire time. After the game, the Zamboni driver was nowhere to be found, so she even got a few photos of the entire team (this happens VERY rarely, as the Zamboni guy is always out there about 20 seconds after the post-game handshaking is done.)

And now I’m tired and pooped and heading to bed.

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  1. Zamboni driver was too busy watching the Patriots vs. Colts! After doing the ice he sprinted back to watch the final 2 minutes of the Patriots win.

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