Early June Hockey

Despite the lack of posts about it, I have been playing a fair amount of hockey in the past few weeks. I’ve played four games – three with the Sunday team and one with my Tues/Wed team – and am in the throes of the June 1000 shooting challenge (over 600 shots already!)

Raising Kane is my Tues/Wed team. Last week we played the Pumas in a tough game. We ended up losing 1-2 (although I also saw 1-3. Hmmm….) The things I remember about the game:

  • The Pumas are a FAST team and got several odd-man rushes on us.
  • Playing defense with Lynn is fun, even if we want to put “Thank You Joni!” on the back of our jerseys for our goalie to see.
  • I got off a sweet shot from the point that would have been on goal had it not gone off of Amy’s butt.
  • In the neutral zone I was trying to pick up the puck when one of their players ran into my front, and a second later another player ran into my behind. I extricated myself from the garage sale on ice and made it back to the bench, hardly any worse for the hit. And really, it took TWO of them to knock me down, so that means I’m tough, right?

We play again on Wednesday against ICE, the home team. Should be a good game. I’m looking forward to seeing Steph after the game so she can continue regaling all of us with stories about her recent adventure in Alaska.

My Sunday team – Purple – is a funny team. I think we’ve got close to the most points of any team in the league, and yet we’re winless after 3 weeks. We lost last week 6-7. Although one of those goals honestly did NOT go in even though the ref called it in – from her vantage point at the blue line. So I think maybe we could call it a tie, right? At least I’m going to. This week we lost 2-6. It’s tough to play with only 3 defenders, particularly when the team you’re playing against has a few more strong players than you do. I tried double-shifting a couple of times, and accidentally ended up on the ice for a 5-minute shift at the end of the second period. Remind me not to do that again. Ouch. I’m a decent player, but I’m not that good (or in shape)! When you play 3 defenders, you sometimes end up making bad on-the-fly changes, and those bad changes led directly to a couple of goals.  *grumble* As defenders we also didn’t play quite as conservatively as we should have given that we only had 3 of us – things to remember for future games. I can’t count the number of 2- and 3-on-0 rushes they got on us last night. Ugh. Patty our goalie played really well despite our lack of active defending. Thanks Patty!

Amy and I also subbed for the Gold team last Sunday. We won that game 6-2, which was a nice change from the other games we’ve played lately.

Finally, you all should head over to Chanda Gunn’s new blog. She and I had a lot of fun on Sunday morning setting it up. Dreamhost makes the installation super-easy, and it ended up being pretty quick to make a few modifications. Anyhow, she’s a really great person and you should go welcome her.

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  1. You should try a pick up game once in a while with a small team (less than say 2 full lines). This is a lot of fun because you get to play ALL positions, and you leave the ice when you’re tired. I think it increases endurance levels. After you do pick up shorthanded, playing with full lines seems almost unneccesary!

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