Darcy Edmonds 6th Annual Memorial Hockey Tournament

It was another weekend filled with hockey, hockey, and more hockey at the 6th annual Darcy Edmonds Memorial Tournament. It wasn’t QUITE as much hockey as possible, given our results during the first three games and the fact that our regular-season team doesn’t have a league game this weekend, but still. Lots of hockey.

Anyhow. Wendell of the Storm Chasers put together another tournament team comprised of Black Icers, Storm Chasers, and a couple of other folks. It was pretty similar to the team we brought to the Champlain Shootout in April. This time we actually discussed our team name beforehand, and came up with the Ice Vaders. Someone was lobbying hard for “Libby is Number One” but she got outvoted.

Game One: Friday night, 6:10 p.m., vs. Cougars, final 0-5.

Needless to say, we weren’t at the top of our game on Friday night. We had a few folks show up late, had a hard time getting our lines together, and didn’t play our positions in the least. The net result on the scoreboard reflected our difficulties. Move on, my friends, move on. (I was a -3 during that game, meaning I was on-ice for 3 of their goals – argh.)

Game Two: Saturday, 11:40 a.m., vs. Westchester NY Wildcats D, final 5-4.

Oh my! We really got our act together Saturday afternoon! The power line of WES, Amy, and Kathy combined for all 5 of our goals – WES scored 2, Kathy scored 2, and Amy scored 1. All of them had at least 1 assist, and WES would have gotten a true hat trick if someone hadn’t been standing in the crease when she put the puck in the net. Ahem.

Defensively we also played a lot better. For a while we were running 3 D . Unfortunately we were dying of exhaustion by the beginning of the second period, so Wendell dropped back for that period. (Silly forwards got to see what it was like to run 3 people in 2 positions for a period… HA!) Third period we went back to 2 forward lines and 3 D, and it worked well.

A few penalties got called in this tough game – there was a big kerfluffle in the third period about whether or not the short-handed team could ice the puck without having it called back or not. In MA, you can’t do that, but in the rest of the nation (under USAHockey rules) you can. BUT during tournaments in MA, either the MA or USAHockey rules can be enforced. This tournament was being run under USAHockey rules, but the ref whistled an icing on Westchester while they were shorthanded. They were ticked – rightly so – and fortunately we didn’t score on the face-off.

Anyway, it was the best game of our series, and winning was so so sweet. Amy was on fire. Her puckhandling has improved a ton over the summer. WES is making huge strides in her game too – playing really well positionally. I just love watching her get better – and on the transition out of our defensive zone it’s nice to be able to pass the puck ahead of her and know she’ll get to it. Plus, her board game (which was always strong) was stellar this entire tournament. WES-love!

I was on the ice for 3 of our goals and 2 of theirs, for a+1 on the game and a -2 on the tournament for me. (FWIW, one of those two I don’t really want to claim since it happened during a wonky shift-change. But technically I was on the ice then, so it’s mine.)

Game Three: Saturday, 10:30 p.m., vs. North Shore Panthers, final score 1-2.

Ten hours between games is tough, and having the game start 20 minutes late due to the games running late and the overtime/shootout in the preceding game made it even harder. 10:30 at night for a game? Yuck!

We had our full team for this game – 2 full forward lines (Amy, WES, Kathy and Mary, Sharon, Marcia) and 5 defense (Robin, me and Wendell, Chris, Laurie).  I’ve never rotated 5 D like we did last night (Robin and I rotated the left side and the other three rotated the right side), and I have to say that it works for me. I’d have had a harder time if I’d been one of the 3 rather than one of the 2 – it’s hard for me to keep my head in the game if I’m not on the ice every other shift. Anyhow.

For this game we came out like we did in Friday’s game – out of position, clumping around the puck, following the puck carrier like ducklings, not playing smart, not breaking out well, etc. etc. Both their goals came in that first period. I was on the ice for one of them – left the girl on the far post wide open, and she popped in a juicy rebound off someone else’s shot. *grumble*

The second period we pulled it together – Coach Steph gave us a bunch of good pointers and a general talking-to, which we needed. That period produced our only goal of the game. Amy, Kathy, and WES hooked up in front of the net, and WES ended up sealing the deal.

It was frustrating that we couldn’t put any more goals on the board during the game. If we’d have won, we might have ended up in the finals (although we would have had to see what happened during the Cougars/Cape Stars game this morning – I think the Cape Stars would have had to lose by more than 5 for us to get into the finals.) As it was, we had a good run of it for a team that was put together just for the tournament.

For this game, I was a -1, putting me at -3 for the tournament. Not as good as I’d have liked, but given that we were -5 overall, not as bad as it could have been.

This was a really fun tournament. I’d love to have our regular team – the Black Ice – skate it in next year since it comes right at the start of our regular season. We’ll see if we can pull that off.

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  1. HA!! You would not have gotten past us Cape Stars!! It would have been cool to play against you gals though. Maybe we will meet up at another tourney. Good luck with your winter season!

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