Champlain Shootout

Last weekend, a team of half Black-Icers and half Storm-Chasers headed up to Burlington, VT for the 7th Annual Champlain Shootout. After some stumbling around, we dubbed our joint team the Ice Storm (yes, shocking that it took a long time to figure that out – apparently none of us are remotely creative.)

Our first game, Friday night, was against the Saratoga Storm. We won 2-0, which was pretty awesome. The next day we played two games – against the VanKleek Hill Griffins (they were from Canada) and against the South Windsor CT Saints. The Griffins beat us 4-0 (ouch) and we beat the Saints 1-0.

After all 8 teams had played their three games, there was a 4-way tie for second place. Based on points against, we ended up in the 3rd place game, against the VanKleek Hill Griffins again. (It was good we didn’t end up in the 5th place game, since we’d have had to play the Phantoms, who are in our league here in the Boston area. What fun to drive 3.5 hours to play a team we played 4 times this season! Fortunately that didn’t happen.)

So in the 3rd place game, we ended up being up 4-1 at one point. We got a little overconfident, and they turned it on some. Then, one of their centers really turned it on. She blew past me a couple of times down low and scored. Grrrrrr… We ended the game tied at 4-4. Rather than leaving it as a tie for 3rd place, we played a 5-minute sudden-death overtime period. No score after that either. SO THEN we actually went to a shoot-out! Can you even believe it? Lib, Amy, and one of the Storm players (Ann) were our three shooters.  Ann scored, neither Lib nor Amy did. Unfortunately, one of the Griffins scored as well. So after the regular time, overtime, AND first shootout, we were tied 5-5. At that point, we went to sudden-death shootout. Our first shooter missed, and then theirs snuck a puck past our goalie.

IT WAS SO FUN! Even though we lost, the game was fun, the overtime was amazing, and the shootout was a blast. All three teams we played were very nice teams – this tournament was incredibly clean and non-chippy. I enjoy that.

The other really fun part of the weekend was the fact that our friend Jill flew up to Philly to spend the weekend with us. We haven’t seen her since last July, and it was great to spend some time with her. I wish we got to see her more often….

So on Sunday, we drove back to Manchester, NH to drop Jill at the airport, and then we headed to Amy’s sister’s place to eat dinner (barbequed steak tips) and to get the dogs. When we were about 2 miles from the house, Amy’s cell phone rang, she chatted for a minute, and she turned the car around. I looked at her quizzically and she said, “Otter ate our dinner.” Yup, Otter ate 2 pounds of raw, marinated steak tips. AND HE DIDN’T GET SICK. Stomach of freaking steel, I tell you!

And Maggie rolled in the dead porcupine (again). Last night I found the last quill, stuck in her back footpad. Silly dog. Turns out that she found it again today and rolled in it again. Sigh again… I don’t think she’s quite as smart as she thinks she is.

No photos of the Champlain Shootout by me, but eventually you might find some here.

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  1. Hey Megan! You know, hockey is a bit over my head but with the Sabres “in it” – even this Buffalo girl must pay attention. I owe you an email! Forgive? 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great time! But you’re a much better sport than I am — I hate losing, maybe because I’m a goalie? I always feel like it’s my fault, but I’m slowly learning that it isn’t.

    What level teams do you play on? By USA Hockey standards, I’d say my squad is composed of novice, D, and DD players.

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