Black Ice v. RI Panthers (4-6?)

So the final hockey game of the season – what a heartbreaker! We were playing a team we’d played several times before – a team that had beaten us more than once (0-4, 2-5). It was going to be a tough game and we knew it.

My memory of the game itself is a little fuzzy – I do know that they got particularly chippy (I’m looking at YOU #20) and we were getting banged around a lot. At one point down in our defensive zone, one of their wingers was harassing my goalie, getting into the crease, and the like. In my zeal to “remove” her from said crease, I apparently dropped her into the net and got my first penalty of the season for interference.  Later in the game, another of their wingers, who I was tangling with behind the net, hauled off and punched me in the helmet, twice (although in a way that the refs couldn’t see – sneaky little $@#%.) Needless to say, I was a tad bit annoyed by that, but managed to get myself off the ice before complaining too loudly to the refs, or retaliating in any way.  (This all foreshadows the game later in the evening…)

We ended up losing a tight game (I forget the actual score – maybe 6-4?), but Amy and Michelle were both hot hot hot in the scoring category!  Amy even managed to get herself a hat trick (2 goals, one assist). I think it was the first hat trick anyone had on our team all season – there being that massive goal drought in the middle of the season and all…

After the game a few of us went to the 99 for drinks and dinner, and then came back up to the rink to watch Coach Steph in goal for her B-level team, also their last game of the season. It was a good, tough game – Steph was making some awesome saves out there – and her team was up (I think… my memory is fuzzy because it was a couple of weeks ago.) At any rate, one of the opposing team’s defenders and one of Coach’s team’s wingers got tangled up near the blue line. There was a bit of pushing, stick-under-the-arm hanging-on and whatnot, when all of a sudden, one of the opposing team’s players totally piled on – and there was an all-out brawl among 4 or so folks on the two teams. I’ve never a.) seen women fight like that, b.) been more embarrassed to be a woman hockey player, and c.) laughed so hard at people being SO BLOODY STUPID. Numbers 3 and 4 into it both got thrown out of the game. I forget if the refs even ended up calling the original penalty that started the whole thing. Coach just stood down in the goal, shaking her head the whole time. I’m just glad nothing like that happened in our game earlier – what a horrible way to end the season! So after all the drama, Coach’s team ended up winning.

And that was the last time this month that I played hockey. So far, I’m missing it dreadfully and horribly and in 19 ways to Sunday. This coming weekend Amy and I are heading – with 3 of our teammates, our good friend Jill, possibly Coach Steph, and half of another team – up to Burlington VT for a tournament. I’m SO EXCITED. After that, it’s just a couple of weeks until summer hockey starts. Then life will return to normally scheduled programming – 2 nights of hockey a week, smelly gear in the basement, washing machine running constantly, and me being able to eat more food than I can now and not gain any pounds. I can’t wait.

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