Black Ice v. NH Panthers

If I were Jewish, right now I’d pull out the saying “Oy vey!” But since I’m not, I’ll stick with the tried and true Scandinavian “Uff da!”

Why, you ask?  Well, today we scrimmaged one of the teams in our league (we both had a bye week) up at their really nice rink in Nashua, NH.  Numbers weren’t in our favor today, as we had 9 skaters and a goalie.  They had probably 15 skaters, which meant they were a lot fresher than us by the time the third period rolled around.

So we ended up playing 2 lines of offense and rotating 3 of us back at defense.  Amy, Lib, and WES were one line, Tracey, LisaO, and Marcia were the other.  Blue-line Nancy, STP, and I played in the back (until the third period when Marcia dropped back and STP moved to wing).

The first period we were completely dominant – they managed to score once, but the rest of the period we were cranking down in their end.  Lynn said that she wouldn’t have minded the game staying like that, even though it would have been boring for her back in net.  The second period, they brought their defenders up to offense, and they kind of turned it on.  One girl was really fast, but for the most part, we kept her contained.  I got a few good poke checks in on their fast breaks, and broke up more than a few of them.  To go along with that, of course, that girl blew past me twice, scoring both times. *grumble* The first time, I was trying like hell to stop her, and I hooked her around the ankles as she got her shot off.  The refs didn’t call it, since it was just a scrimmage. She went crashing into the boards, I followed her apologizing profusely, the net got knocked off, two of our players ended up on top of our goalie, and she bloody well scored anyway.  GAH. Oh well.  All in good fun.

Our timing on defense was a little off in the third period, so there were a few times when each of us ended up on the ice for far too long.  I think I played the last 4 minutes straight – and if reports are right, I hauled ass for most of the time.  Coach told me it was the best game she’s seen me play, Amy dubbed me the MVP (of a 0-5 loss? Oh well), and I got my choice of beers in the locker room post-game. But really, we all played incredibly well. Too bad the scoreboard didn’t reflect that.

So after the game, I didn’t feel very well – thought my stomach was going to protest the 4 minutes of sprinting. However I managed to keep it all together, we all ended up at the local 99 for dinner and drinks, and I fell sound asleep on the way home. I’ve been napping since then, and think it’s time for a bath (I smell), a wee bit of food, and bed.

Can’t believe we only have a couple weeks left of our season.  I’m so sad – whatever am I going to do on Monday nights until summer league starts? This season has given me some much-needed structure to my life, I adore the folks on the team, and not going to practice and games twice a week is going to be weird.

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  1. Actually, WES was the 1st to recommend you for MVP status while we were still in the 3rd period. Coach Steph quickly seconded that motion!
    You played GREAT.

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