April Showers Tournament: Black Ice v. Women on Edge

Black Ice LogoWhat can I say about last night’s game – at 5:20 on a Friday? The good part was that we tied and didn’t lose. The rest of it was pretty much bad.

Our one goal was really beautiful – Amy, Marcia, and Alaina were playing C/F positions, STP and I were on D. Alaina had the puck in the corner and most of them were on her. She dumped it to Marcia who was behind the net. Amy, in the meantime, found herself wide open in the slot, and when Marcia passed to her, she put it in a nearly empty net (the goalie was trying to see where Marcia was and misjudged it.)

Black Ice v. Women on EdgeThe rest of the game was pretty unforgiving. We skated slow, I had something going on where all I could do is fall down (note: I normally don’t fall down when there is no one near me on the ice.) Seriously – I kept catching edges and wiping out. Must have fallen 10-12 times. At one point I was chasing a girl into the corner in our defensive zone and caught an edge. I ended up on my back, legs and arms in the air, circling around like a breakdancer. Or Gregor Samsa.

Black Ice v. Women on Edge

The other bummer things about the night were Jonesy breaking her pinky finger, us giving up a crap goal, the fact that we couldn’t break anything out to save our lives, and our general lack of ability in the passing department. It was ugly, and when Coach reamed us between periods (something she NEVER does) we all knew we deserved it. (Photo at left is said reaming…)

But we got out of there with a tie, and a point. So that’s good. We could only hope that things might get better on Saturday.

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