April Showers Tournament: Black Ice v. Storm Chasers

No action photos in this post, I’m so sorry. Fortunately, one player’s husband was there taking photos, so perhaps I’ll borrow some from him and post them later.

SO! This weekend is the fifth annual April Showers hockey tournament in Concord, MA. We’re playing at our practice rink, which I admit is kind of fun. It’s not the nicest rink in the world, but it’s ours and the familiarity of place probably fed into last night’s win.

When we signed up, we asked to be placed in the D division, the division in which we compete regularly. Apparently that division filled up pretty quickly, so we got bumped to the C/D division. We were nervous, but another team from our league (the Storm Chasers) was placed there, and we drew them in first-round play last night. We’ve played them before, and have tied a couple of times, and lost a couple of times – always by 0-1 or 1-2 sorts of scores.

Black Ice LogoLast night, though, the tables turned. With our regular Black Ice team (i.e. no ringers) we got out there, hustled like it was no one’s business, and shut them down. What a blast! Some highlights:

  • Coach Steph gave an awesome pre-game pep talk, focusing on the phrase, “when I get the puck, I’m going to…”, crashing the net when someone shoots, and making smart passes to clear the puck from the zone.
  • Jonesy crashed the net after Tracey’s drive to the goal, picked up the rebound, and stuffed it in.
  • Jonesy (again) made an awesome play keeping the puck in our zone. She passed to Lib, who took a moment, looked up, anticipated Amy going to the high slot, and passed it right to her. Amy caught the puck right at the best point for her shot, and hurled that thing into the net. SWEET!
  • Everything seemed to really click for Denise, who was a.) always open and b.) always in the right spot.
  • We sang the Black Ice team song in the locker room after the game (to the tune of “These are a few of my favorite things…”) Yes, we have a team song, and it’s even two verses long!
  • There was a long discussion of why we won, and I think we settled on a couple of things: first, we earned it by playing hard and tough, and second, some people were wearing lucky clothing that they hadn’t in a while. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard about lucky clothing in my life as I did last night.

Today we’ve got two more games. I’m hoping we can keep our intensity up and try to make it to the finals on Sunday afternoon. What a blast we’ve had so far! Love our team, love the Black Ice!

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